Puertas de Vidiago, Llanes
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Casa Poli was born in 1996 and is located in a building whose construction dates from the early nineteenth century, a traditional construction of the year 1833. It is an Asturian house with a square floor, buildings attached to the main building and that revolve around a central courtyard where our ancestors subsisted on livestock and agriculture. Nowadays, the buildings are rehabilitated, they house the dining rooms, the bar and the kitchens of our restaurant.

We offer a wide and varied menu of traditional Asturian cuisine, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

We are in a rural environment, in the llanisco town of Puertas de Vidiago. We have ample parking.


Patatas ali-oli and bravas
Chorizo ​​with cider
Wild boar and deer inlay
Pork loin
Serrano and Iberian ham
Sausages table
Sausages Table
Cheese platter in the area
Average Table of local cheeses
Jabugo pate
Ham and Cabrales homemade croquettes
Fried squid
Anchovies from Llanes and smoked anchovy
Boquerones en escabeche
Galician octopus
Fried codfish
Scorpion fish pie

Normal, mixed, lobster, cod salad
Prawns on the grill
Shrimp Scampi
Bonito en escabeche
Asparagus with mayonnaise


T-bone steak and veal chop
Sirloin of veal and pork
Entrecot to Cabrales
Escalope with potatoes
Corlos de la casa
Baked kid and lamb (On request)
Lamb Chops
Duck magret
Carrillera and Veal Ossobuco


Fish of the Llanes Rula.
Hake with cider, roman and grilled
Cod with tomato and grilled

Typical dishes

Liver soup
Cazuelita de fabada
Potatoes, eggs and loin
Potatoes, eggs and chorizo
Potatoes, eggs and hash
Potatoes, eggs and ham
Tortos, eggs and picadillo
Scramble of mushrooms and prawns
Roasted loin with applesauce

coordinates Latitude: 43.3985252 Length: -4.6861854

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