La Marina Restaurant

La Marina Restaurant
Manuel Case of the Vine, Ribadesella

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The Sidrería La Marina Restaurant is located in the riosellano quay, with a large outdoor terrace.

One our extensive letter abounds fish and seafood with the stamp of the «Rula de Ribadesella», guarantee of quality at the table, with fish brought daily from the market riosellana.
Typical riosellanas things like the pantrucu, the lamps ... traditional cuisine.
You can also taste the best Asturian cider poured by our professionals.

All the fish and seafood that we offer in our restaurant bears the seal of quality of the Fishermen's Guild «Virgen de Guía» of Ribadesella.

Norway lobster
Percebes ...

Anchovies Anchovies with pepper or cheese.
Anchovies in vinegar.
Squid in its ink [With rice or potatoes].
Clams of knife [Iron, natural or marinera].
Mussels [Seafood, steam or vinaigrette].
Baby squid
Hake fried.
Fried of pixín.
Fried cod.
Octopus [With cachelos or al ajillo].

Scrambled eggs of prawns and gulas.
Scrambled of oricios.
Gulas al ajillo.
Mushrooms [Al Cabrales, pepper, griddle or garlic]
Asparagus with mayonnaise or vinaigrette.
Scorpionfish cake.
Crab cake
Table of pates.
Cabrales al Cabrales, bravas, ali-oli or mixed.
Homemade calluses
Garlic rib
Garlic chicken.
Roast pork
Chorizo ​​with cider.
Home-made croquettes.
Padrón peppers.

Salad "The Navy".
Mixed salad.
Normal salad

coordinates Latitude: 43.4644890 Length: -5.0580959
coordinates Latitude: 43.4644890 Length: -5.0580959

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