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The project that we now put into operation is something that we have been developing since the 2008 year. At that time, six members of the same family, two of them already at retirement age, decided to create a "home" for older people that would meet and reach the highest possible parameters of comfort and quality and thus be able to dedicate them the same attention and care that we would wish for ourselves and for ours. Is a family project.

We have built the first building of Asturias for social health use that receives CLASS A CERTIFICATION, because the thermal and acoustic attenuation values ​​achieved are unprecedented in the region.

Consists of more than 3.200 m2 with 38 single and 11 single rooms, 4 salons, relax room, library, chiropodist room, funeral home, cafeteria, several rooms, dining room, gym, cognitive recovery room, projection room, 3 geriatric bathrooms, computer room, training room and touch screen.

In addition, we have opted for an energy source such as biomass, for the value we give to environmental aspects. We want to contribute to sustain our privileged environment and use indigenous raw materials.

Phone 985 74 47 08 · Fax 985 74 45 21.

The Main Building is located at a plot of something more than 5.000 m2, in which around 2.500 have been organized in 4 modules with different facilities: gerontogimnasia, petanque court, greenhouse with horizontal orchards and cultivation tables, shed of domestic animals, paths for the walk and gardens with adapted urban furniture.

1 · It is not a renovated building, in our case the center is newly built. From the beginning we knew what we wanted and that is what we have created.

2 · Recently it has been recognized as a CLASS A BUILDING. The energy certificate indicates the qualities of our center, highlighting the thermal and acoustic insulation with the surroundings and between rooms.

3 · The cleaning of our elders is essential and for this we have 67 bathrooms for a total of 87 residents.

4 · For each resident, a bed will be chosen according to their needs, all 4 plans with wheels, 15 with lift cart, 8 for Alzheimer's patients and 4 with train-antitrendelenburg.

5 · All the fundamental services will be our own, we do not outsource.

6 · Our employees will be the soul of the center and will watch over our residents, for this we have equipped them with their own space, with relaxation room and independent gym. Their motivation is important, they will take care of our people.

Our rooms are spacious and all have adapted bathrooms. We have adequate beds for all possible physical conditions and needs of our residents (four planes, elevator car, Alzheimer's, train-antitrendelemburg positioning).

The kitchen, laundry and cleaning services are proper, in order to ensure the desired level of quality. We want to offer a healthy and balanced diet, working with fresh and homemade products. In addition, the center has a lounge-cafeteria, the best place to encourage the coexistence of our users with visitors and family.

We have an multidisciplinary team of professionals to work both in care and Health Surveillance and in the rehabilitation or functional maintenance of our residents (therapies of cognitive stimulation, memory, use of new technologies, touch screens, audiovisual, among others).

We are in the center of Asturias, very well communicated with the rest of the region both by road (connection to motorways with exit to Oviedo, Gijón, Langreo and Mieres, bus service to 100m distance and arranged taxi service), as well as through the railway network. In the radio of 1 Km we have all kinds of medical services (Health centers of El Berrón and Noreña, with emergency 24 hours), pharmacists, commercial and hospitality establishments, as well as a church, in the adjoining plot.

All this is optimal both for families, who will be able to access the center with ease and getting the maximum use of their free time and for residents, who will enjoy an environment capable of offering them at the same time. tranquility and closeness to nature as accessibility to the population (500 meters are, Noreña with some 5.000 inhabitants, and El Berrón with approximately 3.500).

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