Residence Llano Ponte
Truébano 21, Noreña
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The center is located in the palace house Llano Ponte a few 200 meters from the center of Noreña. It is a very well communicated area both by train and by car since the FEVE station is about 250 meters away and the exit No. 19 (Noreña, Pola de Siero, La Ferrera) of the «mining highway» AS-1 flows into El Truébano street where The residential center is located.

The building is intended for accommodation, personal development and socio-health care of elderly people with dependence or not, and without prejudice to the fact that they present a disability. The center has different units, connected by stairs / ramp and lift, adapted to the needs of its residents.

The center has adapted spaces and technical equipment, the necessary human resources and the programs and activities required for the fulfillment of its purpose.

The center has 13 rooms, 12 double and 1 simple. They are equipped with articulated bed, wardrobe, table, desk, chair, doorbell and sleep light per user. All have a television connection installed.
The services lack architectural barriers and are spacious enough for a wheelchair to circulate.

In the center we have our own nurse and the assistant to the address is a pharmacist. The doctor is the corresponding in the health center of Noreña.
Transfers to the hospital
We always take care of the transfer of residents, except for reasons of medical emergency. In that case, it is the medicalized ambulance that is responsible for the transfer.

In addition, while the resident is hospitalized, for whatever reason, the staff of our geriatric residence makes daily visits to meet needs not covered by the hospital (hair removal, shaving, cleaning in detail ...).

We have our own kitchen. The menus are programmed trying a varied diet and adapted to the state of health of the resident, supervised by a professional, in order to guarantee the adequate caloric contribution as well as to assure the correct hydration of the residents.
Respect the special diets that each resident may have planned by their doctor.

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