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Recipe «Clams with seafood»

Recipe «Clams with seafood»

How we like them!

Recipe «Clams with seafood»
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    How we like them!

    Asturias is a land of fish and seafood, known throughout the country for the quality of its products. Marine recipes abound here, this one of today perhaps differs from the traditional Galician recipe because tomato or sweet paprika are not added in its preparation. We started cooking ...

    How to cook clams a la marinera

    Ingredients 4 people:
    1 Kg of clams
    1 Chive
    Garlic cloves 2
    1 Scoop of flour
    1 Glass of white wine
    Virgin olive oil
    Chopped parsley

    Before starting with the recipe itself, we will put the clams in a bowl of cold water and a handful of salt. Better from one day to the next, changing the water every two or three hours or so, so we make sure that they will not have any sand.

    1 · In a frying pan we toss a splash of oil, we toss the chopped onion and the bay leaf, we pepper and we leave during 6 minutes, later we will incorporate the garlic and we will leave it another five minutes more, trying that the garlic does not burn, because it bitterly .
    2 · When it begins to take color, add the flour, sauté well and pour the white wine. We mix everything well.
    3 · We toss the clams and keep on the fire until they open.
    4 · Sprinkle the parsley and serve.

    The clams that do not open after cooking the best thing is to throw them away, surely saving us problems.

    Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

    coordinates Latitude: 43.5462265 Length: -5.6652503 qualifying.

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