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Cheese from Asturias at the World Cheese Awards

Cheese from Asturias at the World Cheese Awards

Cheese from Asturias at the World Cheese Awards
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    This year the best cheese in the world is a Norwegian blue cheese: the Kraftkar. From a small family production with only a decade of life, which was imposed in the final tests to fifteen other competitors among the 3.061 pieces submitted to the contest.
    For the second and third place there have been two draws. Cala Blanc, from Menorca, and Cremositos del Zújar, from Extremadura, were second in the ranking, while Ovaja Grazalameña, from Cádiz, and Gorgonzola Dolce from Italy tied for third place.

    In this world ranking three cheeses that are made in Asturias, already appear among the 50 best in the world according to World Cheese Awards 2016:
    · Kisses from King Silo, from Pravia
    · Cabrales El Teyedu, by Pepe Bada
    · Le Chèvrefeuille, by Reny Picot

    Asturias is one of the cheese regions with the most varieties in the world, but it rarely has international recognition. Entering this ranking helps to make visible the good work that our farmers and processors do. Congratulations to all!

    Today in Asturias more than 40 cheese varieties, some of the most popular and popular ones we present to you, if you want to discover something more about the cheeses of Asturias.

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