What to do in Asturias this Christmas 2020?

What to do in Asturias this Christmas 2020?

What to do in Asturias this Christmas 2020?

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    All Asturian city councils are at one, with the firm decision to "put all the meat on the grill" so that the Christmas campaign is successful, "even with sanitary restrictions."

    Christmas Oviedo 2020

    · Oviedo Christmas Market, during the period between December 4, 2020 and January 7, 2021.
    The activity will take place in Plaza Porlier, in Calle Eusebio González Abascal and in Plaza Alfonso II el Casto.

    · Christmas lighting: emblematic points of the city such as Plaza de la Escandalera, Campo San Francisco, Calle Uría, Fruela, Plaza de Ayuntamiento or Calle Pelayo.

    Christmas Gijón 2020

    The Christmas decoration, which will decorate 170 streets throughout the city, will have 501 arches, 225 Christmas motifs, 280 decorated trees, more than 30 3D elements and twelve light ceilings. It will be there from November 27. In the Nautical you will enjoy a big tree which will include music and aims to be one of the spectacular elements of Gijón decoration.

    · He Gijón Christmas Market (MENAX) will open on the Paseo de Begoña on December 1.
    · 28 National Craft Fair, from December 17 to January 5. Main Square. From 11:00 a.m. to 14:30 p.m. and from 16:30 p.m. to 21:00 p.m.

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