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What to do the Constitution Bridge in Asturias?

What to do the Constitution Bridge in Asturias?

What to do the Constitution Bridge in Asturias?
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    Here we give you some hints of events and activities for young and old on the holidays of the Constitution Bridge.

    Bridge of the Constitution in Oviedo

    · Exhibition «Little Red Riding Hood walks alone». Library of the Farm.

    · Ice skating rink
    From Friday 30 day of November until the day of Kings. Paseo del Bombé del Campo San Francisco.
    Open between the 9: 00 and the 22: 00 hours every day of the Christmas campaign.

    · RADAR: Bye Bye Germany
    Thursday, December 06. Philharmonic Theater, 20:00 - 21:30. Free cinema.
    * Original version in German and English, with subtitles in Spanish. Not recommended for children under 12 years.

    · Theater in Autumn: Where the forest thickens
    Friday, December 07. Philharmonic Theater, 20:00 - 22:30. Audience: Adult. Duration: 135 min. Prices: € 14 patio armchair / € 12 mezzanine.

    · Workshops for the conciliation of work and family life.
    7 December of 08: 30 to 14 hours.
    Children from 6 to 12 years. Social centers of: Argañosa, Ventanielles, Naranco City, Colloto, Cortijo, Pumarín and Vallobín II.
    Registration of 21 to 28 in November at the social center itself. Info 985 981 848.

    · Theater in Autumn: The Happy Prince
    Saturday, December 08. Philharmonic Theater, 18:00 - 19:00.
    Public: From 6 years. Duration: 50 min. Prices: 8 € patio armchair / 6 € mezzanine.

    · Music Band Concert «City of Oviedo»
    Sunday, December 09. Prince Felipe Auditorium, 19:00 - 20:30.

    Bridge of the Constitution in Gijón

    · «Enjoy Aquarium» offers you a pack to enjoy as a family or individually. You will be able to see more than 450 species of animals and a total of approximately 5.000 specimens in the Gijón Aquarium facilities: sharks, sea turtles, otters, rays ... Then you can eat in our restaurant that has one of the best views of the city of Gijón. The menu is made up of several dishes to choose from for both adults and children. At 16:15 p.m. we will feed our penguins and you will be able to witness it.
    1 ADULT 26 € (Entry + food).
    1 CHILD / NUMBER 14 € (Entrance + food).
    More information: 985 18 52 20 / 21.

    · Dinner under the sea Aquarium of Gijón
    December 8 Saturday at 21.30h. Tasting menu of Lara Rodríguez.
    You will be able to enjoy a luxury menu and the company of sharks, rays, leopard moray eels, giant tortoises ... in short, some exotic table companions that will make your night an unforgettable experience ...

    The price of the complete pack is 62 € per person and includes the visit to the Aquarium and dinner. There are only 14 seats Do not stay without it!
    More information: 985 18 52 20 / 21.

    · Guided tours to learn about the birds of the Botanical Garden
    Discover the great diversity of birds that live in the Botanical of the hand of the Ornithological Collective "Carbayera del Tragamón.
    December 9, 10.30 hours.
    Duration: 2 hours.
    No additional cost on the ticket price (Adult: 2,90 €; Seniors of 65 years and from 12 to 26 years: 1,80 €; Minors of 12 years free).

    Bridge of the Constitution in Villaviciosa

    · Route of the nativity scenes
    From the 4 from December to the 5 in January, the route can be covered, which in its fourth edition is consolidated as one of the main attractions of this town in the face of Christmas.
    Every day from 12 to 14 hours and from 17 to 20 hours.
    · Cardín Foundation
    · House of Hevia
    · Monastery of the Poor Clares
    · Parish Church of Santa María

    Bridge of the Constitution in Colunga

    · From the 6 to the December 9, come to the Gastronomic Days of Les Fabes in Colunga.
    On December 9 Sunday Fairs Fair with exhibition and sale of this product and other agri-food.
    17 restaurants participate in the days, with menus from 18 €.

    Bridge of the Constitution in Ribadesella

    · The Tree of Desires
    Thursday 6 of December, at 18: 00 hours, Town Hall Square or House of Culture if it rains.
    An activity aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old. Think of a wish for someone else, a special detail for others: tickets to a concert, a surprise dinner for your parents ... A "gift card per participant". On December 20 it will be known what wishes come true.

    · Christmas Concert. Closure of the commemorative events of the 50 Anniversary of the discovery of the Tito Bustillo Cave.
    December 8 Saturday at 20: 00 hours. House of Culture.
    Works by Bach, Händel, Sarasate, Beethoven ... Dúo Carril Miranda (Piano and violin).

    Bridge of the Constitution in Navia

    From the 5 to the 9 of December, the "Pinchos y tapas de autor" contest is held in Navia.

    Bridge of the Constitution in Cabranes

    The 6 to the 8 of December in Torazo will take place on I Christmas Market. The three days from 11 to 14 hours and from 16 to 19 hours.
    · 18 hours. Chocolate and Christmas sweets.
    · 18: 30 hours. Christmas basket draw.
    Friday at 20 hours Concert of the Polyphonic Choir Voces Blancas del Nalón.

    How to get to the Lakes of Covadonga?

    Between Thursday, December 6 and Sunday, December 9, both inclusive, the Lagos Transportation Plan.
    The road is closed to traffic between 7:30 am and 21:00 pm. The ascent is restricted, but the descent is free, those cars that have gone up before the road closes can go down whenever they want.
    Buses leave from the Cangas de Onís Bus Station, where there is parking, and three other points on the way to the Sanctuary of Covadonga.

    Plan Lagos Covadonga 2018

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