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Ports of Marabio

An Asturian arcadia

Ports of Marabio

An Asturian arcadia

An authentic Asturian arcade. Despite its name, the ports of Marabio are not found on the tropical coast, but in an extensive mountain meadow, in the heart of Asturias, in its geographic center. A mountain range set in a mid-mountain environment that is unique in planning family outings. In Marabio different territories converge: the councils of Yernes and Tameza, Teverga and Santo Adriano.

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Its maximum height is Picu Caldoveiro, summit that reaches the 1351 meters of altitude. Through the ports of Marabio crossed an old royal road, which served as a route in the Jacobean pilgrimages: the French route, which, starting from Oviedo, ascended to the ports from Sograndio to link then with the Roman road of the Mesa and cross the mountain range through the port of the same name, in Somiedo.

On the whole, it is also about everything a hydrogeological framework of great value with sinkholes and blind valleys. A karst system that covers more than 1.225 hectares. This is one of the numerous environmental merits for which it has been declared Natural Monument of Asturias. There are many underground cavities in the area, many times connected between them. This is the case in the Vegalonga system, which has an internal network close to the 6.000 meters of development, or the Vistulaz Cave of 3.000 meters. There are also accumulations of water on the surface that give rise to beautiful lakes such as Barrera, Vega Castro, Foslayegua or Tambaisna.

Up to the same port we can approach by car, and once in it opt ​​for different circuits without specifying a specific route. It's about walking the mountain, or cycling through the many trails that leave the port and run through the brañas and hills of the neighboring hills. In all cases we will find dreamed promontories that offer us essentially Asturian panoramic, indigenous mountains populated by cattle. The pastures of Marabio They are frequented by the equestrian cabin, but mostly by the coil. Cows breed and suckle their calves in freedom in an environment that is the best for the genetic qualities of the brand "Asturian beef", that's why many farmers choose Maraibo as the ideal place for summer pastures.

When we crown Maraibo ascending from Teverga, the first thing we find on our right is the small hermitage of Santa Ana, starting point of many possible routes, enjoying an enviable location, literally hanging over a valley that overwhelms from the heights. From here we can start a unique cycling route through one of the tracks or grazing roads that leave towards the East or the Southeast, and where we will discover remains of the Roman Camín Real de la Mesa. Towards the South we will encounter ancient pastures of shepherds with their cabins in ruins, most of them, before the Sierra de Porcabezas or the Cueiro de Cueiro, where the Taxa and Prau plains meet. Take the path we take, it is difficult to get lost, because you always gain altitude and you have a good perspective of the way back to the starting point. Anyway, as we always roam the 1.000 meters of height, we must always be careful with the fog, which can be presented in a treacherous way.

Near the mentioned hermitage of Santa Ana, on the other side of the road, there is an explanatory sign of the itinerary that runs through the Protected Landscape of Pico Caldoveiro. A mandatory route that will take us about four hours (ida and vuelya). During the first part of the route the track runs parallel to the road, with views of the grasslands of Piedralonga and Pradongo at the bottom of the valley. After 2,5 kilometers of march appears next to a hamlet the path that will lead us to the top of Pico Caldoveiro (1.357 m.). The route continues and crosses the road at the same time that it takes south, towards the braña de Villamayor (where there is a fountain). We continue along the track to the vicinity of the hermitage of Santa Cristina. The braña de Murias is the next objective of the excursion. Little is left to go to the road that goes up to the port of Maravio again, to return to the hermitage of Santa Ana, where we left initially.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.1696281 Length: -6.0959530


The best access to the ports of Marabio, if we come from the center of the region, is a narrow local road that starts in Entrago, in the council of Teverga through a mountain road built to serve the intense livestock activity that takes place in the ports.

We left Oviedo by the A-63 until Grade. We continue on the N-634 to Trubia. And then by the AS-228 to Entrago, about 40 kilometers from Oviedo.

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