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A coquettish port

A coquettish port

Approaching Viavélez is a real find for the traveler. This charming and recondite port seems the caprice of a miniaturist or the painting of a famous painter, with talent to capture the light and the most vivid colors. A fishing village with a well-marked estuary, surrounded by slender cliffs that has been sculpted by the most patient artist: the sea.

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In the most western Asturias, in the municipality of El Franco, Viávelez is shown as a small work of art, like a model in which all the elements are at hand. A town, a port that Countess in a few square meters the essence of the most "beautiful" seaside villas in the Principality. As a good reduction, it has plenty of flavor, color and is totally pleasing to the senses.

A little history

If we observe from The Watchtower, the views of Viavélez and its surrounding coast are mixed and the color palette is more complete and intense. From this enclave locals sighted the boats that caught whales in the Cantabrian. The hunt ended with the huge cetaceans covering the port for immediate use. During the 19th century, the free port housed one of the most important shipyards in the entire Cantabrian and an important salting factory. Not many years ago, from this port the wood of the area was shipped in small ships known as “pataches”. Currently the activity of the port is reduced to fishing and the brotherhood holds the name of "Holy Angel of the Guardian." He wake up next to the mouth of the river Vio and as the rest of the town lives in the shelter offered by Goñin de Fuera and Goñin de Adentro, points that make up the mouth of the port.

A very romantic town

In the dock of the street Corín Tellado (Viávelez is also known to be the birthplace of this famous writer of pink novel) begins the ascent to the village through steep and winding streets. In the high part we return to admire this town of story; as if Corin Tellado herself had devised it to serve as the stage for a romantic story. Viávelez is highly recommended for couples in love.

From the pier we can also climb to a lookout which serves as a start to the coastal path between Viávelez and Porcía. The views from here allow you to see the town from a new panoramic view, with the sculptural work «Litoral» by Ernesto Knorr in the foreground. We can undertake a route to the west, towards Cabo Blanco, where one of the most prominent maritime castros of Asturias sits. The path ends in the natural area and Porcía beach, undoubtedly a magical place in the Asturian west.

Hypnotized by the color of a handful of inshore boats, some larger ship, the well-maintained facades and the small estuary, almost emerald green with good weather; we are surprised to find ourselves here, in this hidden location that also has a palace. Known as Villa San Jorge, is a baroque style palace erected in 1914 at the request of Eduardo Jardón -argentino benefactor of the town-, who is inspired by the Palacio Castilla in Paris.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.5624809 Length: -6.8406653


On the Cantábrico highway, A-8, take the 488 exit towards N-634 La Caridad (Capital of the municipality of El Franco), which is only 1,8 km from Viavélez.

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