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Beautiful towns of Asturias

Beautiful towns of Asturias

Amazing places

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Amazing places

There are many towns that dot the Asturian geography and many towns that keep extraordinary corners, that surprise; Here we make a small list of those places that are essential visits when one approaches Asturias. Villages of Asturias with charm.

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· In the western area of ​​Asturias We have beautiful villages such as Tapia de Casariego, Navia, Puerto de Vega and Luarca. All the chosen ones are coastal, although there are many other beautiful inland villages.
· In the central area of ​​Asturias We have chosen two coastal towns: Cudillero and Luanco.

· In the Eastern Asturias We have chosen several coastal towns: Tazones, Lastres, Ribadesella and Llanes, and a couple of them inland: Bulnes and Espinaréu.

Tapia de Casariego

The fishing village of Tapia de Casariego is a coquettish enclave of the Asturian west coast. Its fishing port keeps the essence of always and its beaches and coves provide one of the most refreshing baths in Asturias. Tapia, with privileged waves, is one of the meccas for surfing in Spain.
More information Tapia de Casariego


With its 6.000 inhabitants, it could be said that it is the most populated nucleus of the Asturian west coast, besides the capital of a municipality with numerous attractions; many of them unknown to the tourist.
More information Navia

Puerto de Vega

The first impression you have when arriving in Puerto de Vega is pleasant above all. Our spirit is infected by the immaculate white of their houses. The nooks and labyrinths that form its streets and alleys, which in another similar enclave would be narrow, are here an orderly and clean entanglement for which it is a pleasure to walk and recreate.
More information Puerto de Vega


The beauty of Luarca takes the form of a large aquatic "S", around which man has found a millimetric accommodation and his initial seafaring activity, now mixed, with a large tourist influx in summer. More information Luarca


Few towns are reflected in the water like Cudillero. A town that gives name to a whole council of the West and that is always its image in duplicate. The large mirror of Cudillero portrays houses that are staggered upwards, forming consecutive urban terraces that are gaining height.

From the heights it is soon understood that Cudillero is a town born and developed around the fishing activity. It came to have the largest fleet in Asturias and one of the most important in the Bay of Biscay. A picture that is still repeated frequently is that of the ships arriving at a sheltered port, which, like the town, is collected and admirable.
More information Cudillero


Feeling comfortable here is very easy, so Luanco's magic is an open secret. Since the nineteenth century it has been consecrated as a summer enclave. Its charm of Asturian town and its sea in property well deserves, nevertheless, a visit outside the summer months.
More information Luanco


Stoned streets and low houses. There are also roads that do not lead anywhere in particular, perhaps to an unbeatable promontory to enjoy the view. We put ourselves where we put ourselves always discover Bowls like a different people, colorista, almost symmetrical, in soft fall to the sea.
More information Bowls


Lastres, in the municipality of Colunga, still houses one of the most famous port prints in Asturias. The fishing boats with the stepped bottom of a beautiful seaside town, make up one of the most representative images of the maritime essence of the region.

Streets mostly narrow and narrow, cobbled like those of before and always on a slope, are the thousand and one small arteries through which the social life of homes that seem to hang towards the abyss and which they have always had in the sea the exact reflection of his own inclination.

Today it is also famous for being the location of a successful television series: "Doctor Mateo", the teacher's house, the plumbers' house, the radio ...
More information Lastres


The town of Ribadesella is the capital of a municipality surrounded by mountains, beaches and cliffs. Without going any further, in the urban area many of the attractions of the council are condensed (municipality of Tourist Excellence from 1997). Apart from enjoying the local heritage and culture, it is easy to get close to the beach, the cliffs, different viewpoints and protected natural environments without going too far from the limits of its urban core.

Going around Ribadesella becomes a very dense and entertaining walk, with dozens of interesting locations.
More information Ribadesella


The town of Llanes, capital of the council that bears his name, is the urban reference of an extensive and rural territory that grows in an elongated way parallel to the Cantabrian Sea. A sea that gets into every corner in this town and that gives us its flavor in the middle of old and modern buildings, squares, squares, walks and abundant terraces where to stop for a drink.

Within the urban nucleus of Llanes the Playa del Sablón is cut out, a coquette, clean and protected, above which runs a long walk along the cliff. The unforgettable Paseo de San Pedro approaches the kilometer of the route.
More information Llanes


The granaries proliferate in every corner. These agrarian constructions are an ancient ingenuity that served to store crops and slaughtering meat and put the food sustenance in good safety. confirm with the view that in this village is the highest concentration of hórreos of all Asturias. The territory is crossed by the Espinaréu and Sotu rivers.
More information Espinaréu


In the heart of the Euroap peaks, Bulnes deserves a visit for many reasons, either by funicular or on foot. In the village there is an unusual atmosphere, a rustic reality in which only a dozen neighbors can be seen, and a good number of Asturian houses, many of them in ruins, including their parish. The town that now sees its tourist services reinforced enjoys a popular bar, which is not populous, where to eat a good stew and the occasional lodging to spend the night.
More information Bulnes

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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