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Villages on the coast of Asturias

Villages on the coast of Asturias

Beautiful towns of the coast Asturias

Villages on the coast of Asturias

Beautiful towns of the coast Asturias

The Marinera Villas of the peninsular northwest, framed in the Atlantic-Cantabrian coast, extend throughout three autonomous communities: Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. Large and small villas full of tradition and culture always linked to the sea.

Route Villas Marineras: Municipalities of Tourist Excellence of Green Spain. There are four villas in the Asturian geography: Cudillero, Gijón, Ribadesella and Llanes. In Galicia: Baiona, Sanxenxo, Ortigueira and Viveiro. In Cantabria: San Vicente de la Barquera, Santoña and Laredo.

Seafaring village: village of Cudillero

More info Cudillero.

The ports of Cudillero
Starting with the old port and the lighthouse and continuing to the new port, where the boats arrive with the fish. A perfect moment can be between three and eight o'clock in the afternoon, the time interval in which the ships of the sea return.

In Cudillero do not miss:
[1] The atmosphere of the terraces of the Plaza de la Marina. Restaurants and bars take their tables and chairs inviting visitors to enjoy the atmosphere and bustle that is recreated in this square of the town of Cudillero. The months of summer are ideal to share unforgettable moments on the terraces and enjoy this pixueto enclave.

[2] Skewered hake. Fishing is done one by one. The softness of its flavor makes this fish a delicious delicacy. The restaurants of Cudillero offer their customers tasty recipes with this fish from the Bay of Biscay. [3] The curadillo. It is a cured fish that is offered in the restaurants of this fishing village. The ideal time of the year to demand it is during the celebration of Holy Week. [4] Weekly market. Every Tuesday and Friday you can enjoy the weekly market of the town.

Seafaring town: City of Gijón

More info Gijón.

The coastal path
From Poniente beach, passing by the marina, Cimavilla and Santa Catalina hill, San Lorenzo beach until you reach the beach of La Ñora, (if the tide is also low, you can soak your feet in the Cantabrian Sea ) and have an aperitif on the terraces on the road.

In Gijón do not miss:
[1] Sunset at the port and Cimadevilla. The most marine area of ​​Gijón is perhaps the port area, until recently fishing and now sports, and the area of ​​Cimavilla, former fishing district and now tourist and recreational area that condenses all the flavor of the fishing village.

[2] Cider and oricios (sea urchins). Throughout the year, cider houses and snack bars in the city and its rural parishes offer this typical drink at any time and in any kind of company; In winter, which is the season of the oricios, they are usually accompanied with cider.

[3] The picnic. Disperse by the surroundings of the city, in rural parishes such as Santurio, Cabueñes, Deva, Somió, Mareo, etc. This type of establishment allows you to enjoy the outdoors in any month, although spring, summer and autumn are the most appropriate seasons.

[4] Weekly street market and artisan street market. Every Sunday you can enjoy the weekly market "Gijón trail". If you want to enjoy besides an ecological and artisan market in the Town Hall Square, you must go the second weekend of the month.

Seafaring village: Ribadesella

More info Ribadesella.

Marinera Route
From the marina, we continue bordering the estuary to the promenade of the beach of Santa Marina, where we will find the numerous and striking palaces of Indianos of the early twentieth century. We return by the Malecón Park, an area that stands out for the marsh and its ecological value, since it is home to migratory birds that we can observe from the viewpoints enabled on the route. This walk can be done at any time of the day, since with night lighting it is also very attractive.

In Ribadesella do not get lost:
[1] From the Hermitage of the Virgin of Guía, patron saint of the sailors, the spectacular views: to the north the Cantabrian sea and to the south, at the bottom the renowned Picos de Europa, the Sierra del Sueve and the Sierra del Cuera, and in the foreground the village of Ribadesella with its fishing port and Its beach.

[2] The fish of the Bay of Biscay. In the cider houses and restaurants of the council throughout the year you can enjoy the most varied fish, according to season, tasty prepared by local chefs and accompanied by good cider. In the month of June we celebrate the Gastronomic Days of the Sea and in February the Festival of the Arcín (sea urchin).

[3] The Historic Route of the Port. Continuing the walk of the port we arrive at the walk of the Grúa, place very concurred daily by riosellanos and visitors where we found six panels of ceramics that tell us the history of the port of Ribadeslla with drawings of Antonio Mingote. This route has Braille information and an audition for each panel that makes everyone enjoy it.

[4] Weekly market. There is a great variety of shops in the village, to which we have to add the weekly market in the Casco Antiguo which is held every Wednesday, especially happy and colorful especially in spring and summer.

Seafaring town: Llanes

More info Llanes.

The coastal path
It can be done at any time of the year from Bustio (Ribadedeva) to the beach of San Antolín, with an approximate distance of 50 km, which runs through the protected landscape of the eastern coast, having the possibility of combining it with the train and dividing it into sections very comfortable that invite you to discover the cliffs and beaches where it runs.

In Llanes do not get lost:
[1] Llanes movie. Memories of historical recordings such as El Orfanato, El Abuelo, the TV series of La Señora and many more survive in 25 unforgettable film scenarios of the council of Llanes.
The film itinerary, which does not include all the films made in the council, allows you to visit the places where 42 sequences of 18 feature films, 3 television series and 1 short film were filmed. In these spaces are placed the corresponding panels with frames and data of the films.

[2] Plain Gastronomy. The tables of cheeses offered by the ciders and restaurants of Llanes and the council at any time of the day, and if it is accompanying a few bottles of cider, better! The native products made with corn flour are an exquisite culinary proposal. In March, at the Gastronomic Days of Corn Flour, you can taste tasty combinations of tortos, borona preado, pantruque, bollas (black pudding with corn flour) and much more for a very appetizing price.
In November the Gastronomic Days of these products are celebrated, where the establishments participate with menus made up of homemade starters, Asturian fabada or specialty of fabes or verdinas, dessert of the house and wine. A perfect excuse to taste one of the typical Asturian dishes.

[3] The Cubes of Memory.
Agustín Ibarrola performs this artistic intervention in the seaport of Llanes, on the concrete cubes of the jetty. It constitutes one of the best manifestations of public art where essential elements of the artist's work merge with the historical-cultural past of the town of Llanes.

] 4] Weekly market.
Every Tuesday you can enjoy the weekly merchandise of Llanes. Fridays are held in Posada and Saturdays in New.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.5441322 Length: -5.6646538 qualifying.

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