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Tourism Awards Llanes

Tourism Awards Llanes

Tourism Awards Llanes
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    The XXII Tourism Awards of the Excmo. City of Llanes, which will be delivered next Thursday 20 in December.

    The 2012 awards this year have been for:

    · Bar restaurant Contamos Contigo de Ardisana
    Back in the late 60, the marriage composed by Celia Poo Pesquera and Ángel Díaz Lledías acquired in the Ardisana valley a house where they opened the establishment "Contamos Contigo", the only bar-shop in town that also had a telephone public.

    After years of work, they decide to offer the restaurant service, attending the request of the clients themselves. The prestige of good homemade food grows fast and the premises are too small for them and they end up buying a second house in which they expand the business with a modernization of the facilities and a larger dining room, but keeping the essence.

    The restaurant "Contamos Contigo" has become one of the places of forced passage in the council of Llanes to enjoy the Asturian cuisine, that made in a traditional way, having the cabritu as a star dish.

    More info Restaurant Contamos Contigo

    · Coral Council of Llanes
    · Hotel Posada de Babel, La Pereda
    · Pedro Contró Martín, Self-service Contró, Llanes

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