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Xagó Beach

A beach to enjoy

Xagó Beach

A beach to enjoy

The beach of Xagó is a wild space, a large cove of 2 kilometers rectilinear in which prevails its ecological charm and its wide range for beach leisure.

It is part of the protected area of ​​the central coast dominated by high cliffs, where each beach is a unique and surprising gift. It is located on the western edge of the impressive Cabo Peñas, on a naturalized, rocky coastline, but in Xagó, thanks to the erosive action, it becomes the beach itself and a dune set that, with more than 350.000 square meters of surface area, is the best conserved of Asturias.

Photo by Arnaud Späni.

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One can approach this sandy area in any time of the year to walk, rest, run to the edge of the shore, enjoy the fresh, wet smells, admire its palette of blue, green and ocher colors, the flashes of light in the water; In short, to get infected with the sensory life that dominates this beach.

Although it is only about 6 kilometers from the city of Avilés, is the westernmost beach of the council of Gozón, the peninsula of San Juan de Nieva separates it from the avilesina estuary. The Cabo Negro, whose name comes from the dark slates that form it, closes it in the east.

Its great length allows you to enjoy it always in a comfortable way, even on summer days when the influx of people is greater. At dusk, on the shore, it is common to see a multitude of fishermen, since it is a place of recognized fame for its seabass.

Three dune fields they characterize to Xagó, dune cords with a smooth profile, dunes pyramidal and linguiformes, colonized extensively by a type of plant called Arenaria Ammophila. In addition to the dunes, on the long beach there are a couple of interior lagoons that are habitat for many species.

Xagó is cited in all the naturist guides of Spain, being able to carry out the nudism in different areas of the dunes.

Also it enjoys of great fame between the surfers being widely known the breakers of its ends. Every year that passes is more frequented by lovers of this sport, and they come to summon several tests and competitions of Surfing. The fact that Xagó is close to surfing nuclei of the relevance of Aviles or Salinas, makes it even more popular for the tables.

Due to its physiognomy open to the sea, the force of the waves means that the bath must be done with caution.

From the high cliffs of the Cabo Negro area, the paragliding and several clubs have their meeting point here to fly. If you do not fly, you can have a good time from the mainland watching them fly.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.6052551 Length: -5.9176826



Wide undeveloped beach, fine golden sand and gravel, windy, strong waves, high middle occupancy, surrounded by mountains covered with vegetation, relatively close to the town of Avilés, has a picnic area, seasonal beach bars, restaurants, surveillance and signage , Local Police, telephones, cleaning beaches and litter bins. Nudism: Tolerated.

How to get there:

Departing from Avilés, take the AS-238 road in the direction of Luanco until you pass the industrial facilities of the CSI, where you make the detour signposted to the left towards Zeluán, and continue, straight, until you reach this town. Once in Zeluán, continue through the AS-329 to link with GO-15 in a detour to the right; this road goes back over the beach; Two tracks, one at each end, allow vehicle access to the arena. There is a bus service from Aviles, where there is also the nearest railway terminal; the nearest camping is located in Bañugues, near Cabo Peñas.

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