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Beach of San Lorenzo, Gijón

The playona of Gijón

Beach of San Lorenzo, Gijón

The playona of Gijón

The Paseo del Muro and the San Lorenzo beach draw one of the most well-known and populous sea facades of Asturias. The dynamism of an entire city like Gijón seems to turn to this space. Here he finds the most favorable horizon for the open and active spirit of his citizenship. Kites, surfboards, skates, bicycles, volleyball, soccer, jogging, sand castles, baths, sports competitions, sunbeds, bathing huts, umbrellas and many people.

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Bustling when time permits; and that even in the harsh winter months, the Wall is still a benchmark for walking, contemplation, physical training, as well as for intrepid swimmers and surfers.

The bustle of this great urban beach never lets your guard down.

With a length of 1.550 meters and shell shape, we talk about one of the most emblematic beaches of the Principality. If we take a panoramic we see that the bay of Gijón is split in two by the Santa Catalina Hill, ancient Roman settlement on which the marine district of Cimadevilla. On one side of the hill is the beach of San Lorenzo, to the mountain of La Providencia, and on the other the two ports, the sports and commercial, and the new beaches: the beach of Poniente y the beach of Arbeyal. The first was conceived in the vicinity of the marina, specifically in the urban area known as El Fomento, invading what was an area of ​​occupation shipyard and extending also some 1.500 meters in length.

At the eastern end of San Lorenzo, we see that the Paseo del Muro continues beyond the beach itself, it is the best known coastal path of the Cervigón, a sea route of more than 2 kilometers that brings us closer to other beaches such as Rinconín or Peñarrubia. This great walk is a kind of colophon to the maritime intensity of San Lorenzo.

The "playona" is the great amphitheater of the history of Gijón. The Romans passed through it, it was a battlefield in almost all ancient times, Jovellanos' playground for children (his home was found in the vicinity of the Cimadevilla neighborhood) and expansion area for a city that borrowed most of the sand for the sake of urban development.

The history of the beach during the twentieth century can not be separated from the growth of the city. The devastating action of the sea, which beat openly on Gijón, and the sand prevented the urban expansion towards the southeast. Jovellanos himself was a visionary at this point. The enlightened one, who enjoyed frequent walks along the coast of Gijón, had proposed to the municipal corporation the construction of the retaining wall and had a decisive part in its realization. The end of the works, however, did not reach the first decade of the twentieth century. In 1933, the monumental stairway to the beach, the well-known Escalerona, in order to solve the problems posed by the massive access to the beach. The baths had become fashionable since the late nineteenth century and there were several spas that existed in this area.

Gijón currently extends to the very edge of the sea with large buildings. Tall buildings that perhaps for someone can be annoying or unsightly but that are not so well looked, because the beach town planning of Gijón, despite being grandiloquent, is not exorbitant or aberrant. However, different corrective solutions are projected for this large window to the Bay of Biscay. The idea is an integral remodeling, homogenize as far as possible the aspect of the facades and use time and money in a project that is feasible and compatible with the future needs of the city.

Currently, in this marine head of Gijón we find many shops, restaurants, chigres and tascas in which to enjoy the products and gastronomy of Gijón. A great showcase of the services that it is also for leisure and culture, with museums and art galleries nearby. In addition, San Lorenzo is an urban road of the first order, as it communicates in a simple and entertaining way the two extremes of its urban area. Its numbered stairs are also fixed stops of the citizen's free time. Quotations on the ladder, such or such, are very common. "Stay" in San Lorenzo is a good way to meet the first, as well as a very good starting point to walk anywhere.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.5422020 Length: -5.6571865


Beach guarded with bathing conditions marked by a moderate swell. It has all the necessary services for a pleasant stay: showers, footbaths, fountains, toilets, bins, containers, parking. Wardrobe and lockers, deck chairs and daily sand cleaning. It has medical and first aid services. Surveillance towers, rescue boat, beaconing of bathing areas, police, public address service and tourist information.

Attractions: tourist, fishing and sports (windsurfing, surfing, sailing, motor boating, beach soccer, volleyball).

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