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Arra Beach

Arra, going down the cliff

Arra Beach

Arra, going down the cliff

The pedral or beach of Arra is a wide environment that could be defined as balneal, conformed by curled rocks, boulders and sand, it is an ideal place to take sun and sea baths in a water loaded with salt. A natural therapy that can be enjoyed in natural pools of dreams. Arra is also an exceptional viewpoint, from which to admire the most beautiful areas of the eastern coast of Asturias, a panoramic perspective difficult to find.

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Apart from its virtues for relaxation, this rock beach also has an exceptional scientific and landscape value. Nestled in an authentically rural environment, free of buildings in the immediate vicinity, Arra is pure nature.

Difficult access at present

Do not risk going down to this pedral if you do not know how to do it. The staircase that leads to the lower part of it has collapsed to a large extent. Currently there is a project to rehabilitate it and it is preferable to wait until the access is arranged to enjoy this natural beach without frights.

On the Jurassic coast

Arra, the easternmost beach of Ribadesella, concludes an extensive stretch of Jurassic coast of more than 60 kilometers. The most spectacular rock outcrops of the Jurassic of Asturias have been happening along the entire coast between Cabo Torres, in Gijón, and the pedral of Arra (two kilometers east of Ribadesella).

In Arra, the end of the geological era can be clearly seen in a marked crack that drastically separates the lower cliffs from the highest and perpendicular ones. From the Arra fault towards the east, the coast falls vertically over the Bay of Biscay with a stone, karst morphology.

The beach itself is an esplanade of songs and sand, bordered by capricious rock ridges and oriented towards the vertical walls of the cliffs of Hell.

The pedral has the shape of an elongated shell and a length of 450 meters. Even with the tide in bad conditions Arra allows the bath in two natural pools protected by walls of pure rock. At high tide the two pools, known as the Pozu del Cura y the Pozu del Maestru, they are hidden; but in low tide, or at half tide, they are perfectly delimited like two great channels, very appropriate for the bath and with variable depth. The channel immediately closest to the beach is ideal for bathing the smallest, while the one that runs parallel to it, more tucked into the sea, reaches a greater depth and allows to use natural trampolines close to dive head first.

Arra is also an ideal enclave for sport fishing, both in boat and cane. It is also a very interesting starting point for underwater fishing, since from this beach it is possible, with good sea, to dive along two kilometers and arrive in the pedrales closer to the villa riosellana.

El ecological interest of the seabed in this area is high and subject to environmental regulation by the Principality of Asturias.

In all cases and in all possible uses that this pedral allows, occupation by people is usually low, which makes it an intimate space and privileged. The nearest population centers are the villages of Toriello and Collera. And very close also, without having to go down to the pedral, we can enjoy a recreational area with exceptional views, that of the Cliffs of Hell, with almost 100 falling meters. Enjoy the view without risking.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.4609566 Length: -5.0379610


You can access this beach from Ribadesella towards Collera by a local road that leads to Llanes. Immediately after leaving the football field of the town (Oreyana), traveling through the AS-263, and just 2 kilometers from Ribadesella, we will find an asphalted road on the left and an indication of the beach at the foot of the road. We follow this path for about 200 meters and cross the train track with caution. Here there is a fork. The path on the right leads to the Cliffs of Hell Recreation Area, about 500 meters away. To go to Arra, however, we take the crossroads to the left and continue for another 200 meters until the path ends at the foot of some houses. We park the car at this point and continue on foot. We pass a narrow gate that communicates with the coastal plain. We walked across the field for about 100 meters until we saw the sea and the point from which the descending stairs began. Currently, in February 2011, access is not possible due to landslides.

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