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Plans with children in Asturias

Plans with children in Asturias

Routes and excursions with children

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Routes and excursions with children

We make several proposals for routes and excursions, outdoor activities to do with the children of the house because we know that it is not always easy to organize a trip with children. Proposals for all ages, affordable nature routes and info from some companies that will offer tailor-made activities to enjoy Asturias at 100%.

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Here we propose routes, excursions and activities in nature to do with the little ones of the house in Asturias ... Canoe crossing in the main rivers of Asturias it is possible and safe, for those over 5 years, with any of the active tourism companies of Asturias along the Sella, Navia, Nalón and Deva; he cultural and gastronomic tourism is possible thanks to proposals designed to interpret the rural environment with children

1 Descensos del Sella in canoe

Making the descent of the Sella by canoe is very affordable to the pocket and to the state of shape of each one. There are also the extra motivations: enjoy the scenery, take the opportunity to take a dip, improvise a fluvial picnic or, if you like, take it to heart and look for rivals who want to go down as quickly as possible.
It's an excursion that can make the kids of the house, with 5 / 6 years can already go accompanied without difficulty.
More info on Descent of the Sella.

2 The Path of the Bear

It is an ideal route for lovers of hiking and cyclists. Its great natural and ethnographic wealth advances through tunnels and bridges that give a touch of adventure to the march. The stretch of 22 kilometers that goes from Tuñón to Entrago, always passes through paved terrain, with a protective fence, frequent sources for supplies and informative posters about the flora and fauna, the monuments of the area, alternative routes or advice.
More info on Path of the Bear.

3 Dobra River, Pot of San Vicente

Here we propose an affordable, simple route, without major differences, but no less attractive than others or less beautiful. It is a full-fledged excursion, suitable for all ages, with just half an hour or 45 minutes of travel.
The road does not have any kind of loss. You just have to follow the path. There are no bifurcations or branches that confuse us. A unique address that leads us to a rewarding end and, if the weather is right, refreshing.
More info on San Vicente pot.

4 Route of the Alba

A good option to know the Network Park -declared Biosphere Reserve in 200, a forest area of ​​the richest in the Principality- is to make the route that we propose: a simple way, easy walking and little unevenness, Suitable for the whole family. The route is round trip along the same path. In the end we will have used 4 hours of our valuable time in a very healthy exercise for our senses.
More info on Route of the Alba.

5 The Camín Encantau in Llanes

It is an ideal route for the whole family, where children enjoy doubly, and that does not entail great differences in level or risks of any kind; a magnificent opportunity to get into the most autochthonous nature and feel its true enchantment with the additional explanations of mythology, which ultimately perfectly describe the ancestral sense of the landscape of the Principality.
More info on The Camín Encantau in Llanes.

6 Route The Quesu and the Cider

Know the gear of the people, understand their past, analyze their future and forecast their future. The small dairies, the pomades, the wineries, the stables, the caves, the erías, the caleyas, the houses, the mountains and the men are their object of study. espicha practice. Cheese platter, Cabrales mayonnaise, boiled eggs, corn tortoises, chorizo ​​with cider, picadillo with potatoes, cod omelette, potato omelette, honey and more cider.
More info on Ruta del Quesu and Cider of Asiegu.

7 Hiking and cycling trips with children

The agency S-cape Travel It offers packages in Picos de Europa, the Asturian coast and Somiedo designed for families. Every day a different activity and to which more fun: hiking, canoeing, canyoning, bike tour or visit local cheese shops. Accommodation in cozy rural houses, hotels with multiple rooms and mountain shelters.

  • Picos de Europa multiatividaden family (6 days)
  • Beaches and mountains of Asturias with children (8 days)
  • Bear and Somiedo Path with children (4 days)
  • Asturias coast by bike for families (8 days)

More info on Hiking and cycling trips with children

8 Magic Land: guided excursions

Our routes combine hiking with environmental education, landscape interpretation, affective education and education for coexistence. Among our objectives is that they know the different ecosystems, make them aware of the main environmental problems in our environment, that they appreciate the richness of the heritage of the peoples ... We do the Mythological Path of the Beyu Pen, a route through «Progegeted Landscape of the Sierra del Sueve», a visit to the Cueva del Pindal and Hayedo de San Esteban de Cuñaba, for the Cliffs of the «Infiernu» and the famous Jesters of Pría, in Llanes.

More info on Guided excursions with children.

9 Towards Peaks: fun in nature

The llanisca company Towards Peaks He has prepared a wide range of activities designed to live small family adventures, all activities can be enjoyed with children from 7 years.
Five-day program: canoeing down the Cares-Deva river, pastures of the Lakes of Covadonga and visits to a cider press, initiation to the descent of canyons ...
Check all the information about the dates planned for this summer 2019.
More info on Towards Peaks: family adventure

10 Adventure activities package in Asturias

Turaventura a pioneer company of active tourism in the East of Asturias, has a pack to discover this region with children: they take you Route in 4 x 4 through the Picos de Europa, they organize the Ruta del Cares and Descent of the Sella.
More info on Adventure pack in Asturias.

The best family plans Asturias

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