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Plan Lakes of Covadonga 2019

Plan Lakes of Covadonga 2019

Plan Lakes of Covadonga 2019
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    If we want to get closer to knowing the Lakes of Covadonga, access is free all year round, except for certain regulatory periods, in which a fleet of buses guarantees the movement of all visitors between Cangas de Onís, Covadonga and the lakes.

    NNew 2019 calendar:

    The period of restriction of access by private vehicle -except for authorized ones- will begin this year the weekend before Easter, on April 12 and will last until the May bridge, extending in this first phase for a total of 23 uninterrupted days. However, as a novelty, restricted access is eliminated the last three weekends in May.

    · Weekend 13 and 14 for April.
    · Holy Week - May Bridge. 23 days in a row.
    · From the 1 of June to the 16 of OctoberInclusive.
    *** With three dates of exception: the 8 of June, when the cyclotourist of the Lakes is celebrated; the 25 of July, coinciding with the Festival of the Shepherd in the Vega del Enol and the 8 of September, Day of Asturias.
    From November 1 to 3, coinciding with the Bridge of the Dead.
    · From the 6 to the 9 of December, coinciding with the Bridge of the Constitution.

    2019 SCHEDULES
    The cut of the highway of the Lakes of Covadonga will be made from 8.30 to 21 hours during the plan days of April, May, June, July, August, September and October, while on the bridges of November and December will open to traffic two hours before, at 19 hours.
    The first bus ride to the lakes will be at 8: 00 hours and the last one to the 19: 30 hours, while the last one to go down the lakes will be to the 20: 30 hours.

    Buses leave from the Cangas de Onís Bus Station, where there is parking, and three other points on the way to the Sanctuary of Covadonga.

    *** The ascent is restricted, but the descent is free, those cars that have gone up before the road closes can go down whenever they want.

    RATES 2019
    · Parking of vehicles in the authorized car parks (valid all day): € 2 / car.
    · Adult bus ticket (valid all day): 9 €.
    · Bus ticket minor of 12 years (valid all day): 3,50 €.
    · Minus bus ticket of 3 years (valid all day): free.
    · Bus ticket Cangas de Onís-Covadonga (one way): 1,50 €.

    The restriction is for all motor vehicles
    : motorcycles, cohes and motorhomes. Bicycles have free climb.

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