Plan Lakes of Covadonga 2017

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Plan Lakes of Covadonga 2017

If we want to get closer to the Lakes of Covadonga, access is free all year round, except for certain periods of regulation, in which a fleet of buses guarantees the movement of all visitors between Cangas de Onís, Covadonga and the lakes. The buses make stops in the main points of interest and in some catering establishments in the area.
As a novelty this year, access will be limited to those collective transports - both linked to the transport plan and those of discretionary services - that have, at least, the Euro 4 energy rating, which translates into a substantial reduction in emissions pollutants

Semana Santa: from Saturday 8 from April to Sunday 16 from April, both inclusive.
First of May bridge: from Saturday 29 from April to Monday 1 from May, both inclusive.
Summer: from Saturday 1 from July to Sunday 1 from October, both inclusive. The dates have been revised, since they have extended from Friday 15 of September to 1 of October.
Puente del Pilar: from Thursday 12 from October to Sunday 15 from October, both inclusive.
December bridge: from Wednesday 6 from December to Sunday 10 from December, both inclusive.

During the days of operation of the system from the months of April to October, the road between Covadonga and the lakes will remain closed to traffic between the 8: 30 and the 20: 00.
For the days from November to December, the road between Covadonga and the lakes will be closed to traffic between 8: 30 and 19: 00.

The first bus ride to the lakes will be to the 9: 00 hours and the last to the 18: 30, while the last one to go down the lakes will be to the 19: 30 hours. For when it is the opening of the road to the 19: 00 hours, the last upload service is to the 17: 30 hours, while the last drop of the lakes will be to the 18: 30 hours.

Buses leave from the Cangas de Onís Bus Station, where there is parking, and three other points on the way to the Sanctuary of Covadonga.

*** The climb is restricted, but the descent is free, those cars that have climbed before the closure of the road can go down whenever they want.

RATES 2017
· Parking of vehicles in the authorized parking spaces (valid all day): 2 € / car.
· Adult bus ticket (valid all day): 8 €.
· Bus ticket minor of 12 years (valid all day): 3,50 €.
· Minus bus ticket of 3 years (valid all day): free.
· Bus ticket Cangas de Onís-Covadonga (one way): 1,50 €.

The restriction is for all motor vehicles
: motorcycles, cohes and motorhomes. Bicycles have free climb.

More than 1.362.000 people have already made use of this system to access the Lakes of Covadonga.

Plan Lagos Covadonga 2018

coordinates Latitude: 43.3511314 Length: -5.1285396

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