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Plan Lakes of Covadonga 2015

Plan Lakes of Covadonga 2015

Plan Lakes of Covadonga 2015

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    The Plan of Transport to the Lakes of Covadonga 2015 will be applied this year throughout the 2015 summer and on the autumn-winter bridges. We detail all the information you need to climb the Lakes without problems and enjoy the landscape that this area offers.

    Stops and Itineraries
    During the Cangas de Onís-Covadonga-Lagos route, the buses have discretionary stops that will take you to all the points of interest of the route, including the areas with accommodation, catering and activities. Important note: Buses will only stop at stops if someone requests it.

    Parking in the parking spaces 2,00 € (Valid all day)
    Bus ticket adult 8 € (Valid all day)
    Bus ticket junior of 12 years 3,50 € (Valid all day)
    Bus ticket junior of 3 years Free (Valid all day)
    Ticket bus route Cangas de Onís-Covadonga 1,50 € (One way)

    Road cutting 8: 30 h.
    First service tomorrow 9: 00 h.
    Last upload service 18: 30 h.
    Last download service 19: 30 h.
    Opening of the 20 road: 00 h.

    From November to December
    Road cutting 8: 30 h.
    First service tomorrow 9: 00 h.
    Last upload service 17: 30 h.
    Last download service 18: 30 h.
    Opening of the 19 road: 00 h.

    Where to buy tickets
    Only in the marked parking lots (P1, P2, P3 and P4), never at the stops or on the bus itself.
    P1: Cangas de Onís Center
    P2: The Forest
    P3: Muñigo
    P4: The Repelao

    Access by local taxi
    More personalized transport, which also has experienced tour guide drivers and mountain roads.
    Teléfonos de contacto: 985 848 797 – 985 848 373.
    Novelty: Personalized service in vehicles of 8 seats from the 9: 00 to the 19: 00 hours with stops at the Mirador de la Reina and Lakes. Departures from the Taxitur park, T1 SOTO. Prices: 11 euros adult, 5 euros child.

    Exceptions and special situations
    Access to the Lakes by private vehicle within the regulation period, at times when the road is not closed, is subject to the availability of parking spaces in the Buferrera area in Lagos. The road could be cut to traffic before the scheduled time if this parking is exceptionally complete.

    Disabled people with reduced mobility:
    Free access in private vehicle.

    Buses of organized groups:
    They can access the protected space if they have previously requested authorization from the Asturias Transport Consortium: 985 203 974.

    Access to Covadonga free, but limited to available parking spaces.

    Where to park the vehicles:
    There are four marked parking lots with more than 1.600 seats: Cangas Centro P1, El Bosque P2, Muñigo P3 and Repelao P4.

    Access with pets:
    The bus has free cages for dogs in the trunk. All other pets must come in their own transport and travel in the trunk. Once in the Park, the animals must be leashed at all times.

    More information about the ordering and specific dates in: www.consorcioasturias.com and in the Tourist Office of the City Council of Cangas de Onís.

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