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Floating Piano Tour

Floating Piano Tour

Llanes, Gijón, Cudillero ...

Floating Piano Tour

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    «The floating piano» has been touring our neighboring country for three years, France, with more than 100 performances for more than 25.000 viewers. During the second half of September 2017 he will visit Asturias. Thirteen complicit artists and technicians unite their creativity and passion for natural scenic spaces. Solos, duos, trios that intertwine between hands and water.

    Singing, contemporary poetry and also some great classical works.

    From September 18 to October 1 with Mónica Cofiño, Philippe Séranne, Voël Martin, Delphine Coutant ...

    Floating Piano in Niembro Bay, Llanes

    Floating Piano in Lake Braña del Río, Tuilla, Langreo

    Floating Piano in the Port of Gijón

    Floating Piano in San Esteban de Pravia

    Floating Piano in Puerto de Cudillero

    Floating Piano in Navia

    Floating Piano in Valdemurio Reservoir, Las Agüeras - Quirós

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