Coastal path of the Cervigón

The path of the sea that starts in Gijón

Gijón has a large number of small squares and squares, ideal for sitting and reading the newspaper or resting, and playgrounds for the little ones; and is that the number of green spaces in Gijón is large: more than 1.500.000 square meters distributed throughout the city and its rural surroundings; almost 5.000 trees in the urban area; four coastal parks and a natural park, that of Deva.

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When talking about green spaces in the city of Gijón, it is necessary to mention the Atalaya Park in Cimadevilla. Its location on the hill of Santa Catalina makes it a prigvilegiado enclave, from there you can contemplate some of the best views of the city and the urban beaches of San Lorenzo, Poniente and Arbeyal. The "Praise of the Horizon", the work of Chillida, rises majestically over the horizon and, although it raised much controversy its placement, with the passage of time has become a tourist symbol of the city.

El Isabel la Católica Park, with its 152.000 square meters, It is the largest green spot in Gijón. Located at the end of the San Lorenzo Wall, it has a beautiful pond and a good number of peacocks that delight little ones. Ready for the road we approach the ladder 16.

Route of Cervigón

The walk of the Wall of San Lorenzo it is prolonged by a coastal walk, very crowded since it was inaugurated in 1998; it's almost eight kilometers of path that takes us from the center of Gijón to the beach of the Ñora. It borders the entire east coast of Gijón parallel to the sea, and over cliffs we reach the neighboring municipality of Villaviciosa.

In the walk we crossed The Rinconín Park, an ideal place for recreation, where you can rest in the shade of a tree and enjoy at the same time an artistic panorama, because there are several large sculptures that we will find. Hundreds of Gijónes meet every day on this walk, the bike lane is used by the youngest to enjoy skating and cycling.

The first work of art that comes our way is «Shadows of Light». Fernando Alba, its author has managed to arouse a lively controversy with this composition of four sheets of corten iron, as happened with the «Praise» at the beginning of the 90. It is really beautiful to discover Gijón through the holes drilled in the iron, the sunsets on the beach and guess the boats that cross the bay.

One of the most beloved works by the people of Gijón is the «Monument to the Mother of the Emigrant», known for «The Lloca del Rinconín», stands in a large circular square and looks to the distant horizon, symbolizing the pain of a mother who, like so many in Asturias, mourns the departure of her children towards the anguished road of emigration.

A little further on we were dazzled by a really impressive sculpture. The Huelva sculptor Pepe Noja has represented Solidarity through extraordinary stainless steel links.

The path continues zigzagging at the edge of the sea and if the day accompanies it will be an excursion of the most attractive. We will see the Monument to the Victims of the Holocaust inaugurated in the 2000 year, the sculpture tribute to Galileo Galilei, the Viewpoint of Providence -work of the architect Ángel Noriega, it is a sculpture of concrete shaped like a ship's bow that faces towards the northwest-, the Serín beach Tin beach and finally the Beach of the Ñora, end point of the trail.

If you go to Gijón, make a space in your agenda and enjoy this coastal route.

coordinates Latitude: 43.5484238 Length: -5.6409645


Start: roundabout of the Puente del Piles.
End: Ñora beach.

Coastal path of 8 kms.
Walking 3 hours.
Running 1 hour 30 minutes.
By bike 1 hour 15 minutes.

Elevation 99 meters, accumulated 292 meters.
Firm: tile, paved stone and asphalt. Sections with stairs.

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