Festivities of San Mateo Oviedo 2017

Oviedo at parties

Festivities of San Mateo Oviedo 2017

The Fiestas de San Mateo 2017 will be held from 15 to 24 in September in Oviedo.
We collect here the concerts, the plays ... our agenda of the scheduled activities.

American Day Parade in Asturias 2017

September 19 Day of America in Asturias

Children's leisure San Mateo 2017

· In the San Francisco Park
12 has 14 and 17 has 20 h. Train of the Children
MINIPARQUE INFANTIL: Carousel of scrap metal and Celtic Carousel. Recycled games of skill and ingenuity.

Paseo de la Herradura: Creative pottery workshops that will teach the children to break molds and create their own. Shows
Paseo del Angelín: children's and family cinema.
Paseo de la Rosaleda: musical and comedy shows.
Pond of Covadonga: Familiar magic.

Concerts in La Plaza la Catedral
From September 15 to 24

First performance from the 21.00 hours, second performance at the 23.00 hours and third performance at the 0.100 hours; being the duration of each of them of 1 hour and a half approximately.

Friday 15th
Corquiéu // La Oreja de Van Gogh // Green Valley

Saturday 16th
Sondeseu, Folk Orchestra of Galicia + Xuacu Amieva // Gemeliers // Beret + Nikone

Sunday 17th
Third Floor Band // David Otero // Dixebra

Moons 18
Igor Pascual // M Clan // Carlos Jean + Alber Neve

Martes 19
Sweet Soul Music Revue // Fuel Fandango // Cuban Night with 4 groups

Miércoles 20
Pioneers, Festival 60 and 70 years // Chambao // Gipsy Kings

Thursday 21
Rodrigo Cuevas // Carlos Marco // Fangoria

Friday 22th
Stormy Mondays // Sweet California // The Sticker

Saturday 23th
Stacey Kent // The Christians // Tom Swoon + Luka Karo

Sunday 24th
Final FestiAMAS

Concerts in La Plaza de Feijoó
From September 15 to 23

XX Oviedo City Rock Contest - Alejandro Blanco «Espina». Actions from 22: 30 hours.

Friday 15th
Performance of 3 participants in the contest + guest: TIGRA (winner rock contest 2016)

Saturday 16th
Performance of 3 participants in the contest + guest: TIJUANA BIBLES (from Glasgow, UK)

Moons 18
Performance of 3 participants in the contest + guest: WES «Incandescent»

Martes 19
Performance of 3 participants in the contest + guest: AMBOAJE «All about living»

Miércoles 20
Performance of 3 participants in the contest + guest: THE ELECTRIC BUFFALO

Thursday 21
Performance of 3 participants in the contest + guest: HÉCTOR TUYA «The black box»

Friday 22th
Performance of 3 participants in the contest + guest: SEX MUSEUM «30 anniversary»

Saturday 23th
Final of the contest + guest: FE DE RATAS

Concerts in The Plaza del Uguas
From the 15 to the 23 in September, from the 23: 00 h

Friday 15th Cerezal

Saturday 16th Losone

Sunday 17th Losone

Moons 18 Fee Reega

Martes 19 Luis Núñez and Los Folgazanes

Miércoles 20 Sondecuba SDC

Thursday 21 Fasenuova

Friday 22th Pablo Valdes

Saturday 23th Pablo und Destruktion

Sunday 24th Manolo Peñayos (the one from Nuberu)

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