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Fiestas San Antonio Cangas de Onis 2019

Fiestas San Antonio Cangas de Onis 2019

Fiestas San Antonio Cangas de Onis 2019
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    This year the festivities of San Antonio de Padua in Cangas de Onís are celebrated from 8 to 16 in June, being the 13 Thursday the big day

    Saturday 8 The Proclamation
    · 19: 00 h. Parade of the Banda de Gaitas City of Cangas de Onís, Gigantes y Cabezudos.
    · 20: 00 h. In the town hall square «El Pregón» by Ms. Covadonga Valdés Sobrecueva and presented by Ángel Lueje.
    Presentation of the queen and bridesmaids.
    Performance of the Children's Choir of the School of Music, the Picos de Europa Folkloric Association, Banda de Gaitas and Coro Peñasanta, all from Cangas de Onís.
    · 23: 00 h. Verbena en el Robledal, with the performances of "Los Berrones" and the orchestra "Revelación".

    Sunday 9 Children's Day

    From 17: 00 h. Children's party in the courtyard of the Reconquista School.
    Giant amusement park with inflatable climbing wall, human table football, roller coaster, pedal karts, children's paintball, wipeaut, mechanical bull, inflatable spider ...
    For the little ones: Bebeteca Fusión with storytellers and songs, face painting, crafts, games ...
    · At 19: 00 h. Dance in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, with the performance of "Lando y su Orquesta".

    Wednesday 12 La Joguera
    · 18: 00 h. Parade of pipers, giants and big heads.
    · 00: 00 h. In the oak wood of the Chapel of San Antonio «The Joguera».
    One hour before the festival starts with the orchestras: "Capitol" and "Los Satellites".

    Thursday 13 San Antoniu
    · 9: 00 h. Flying discharge announces the beginning of the BIG DAY OF THE HOLIDAYS.
    · 10: 00 h. Mass in the chapel of San Antonio.
    · 10: 30 h. Descent of the Santu in procession to the parish church of Santa María.
    · 12: 00 h. Solemn Mass sung by the Peñasanta Choir.
    · 13: 00 h. Procession of the Santu to his chapel in El Robledal, accompanied by the Banda de Gaitas City of Cangas de Onís.
    Auction of the Ramu and Burning of the Xigante. Performance of the AF Picos de Europa.
    Vermouth session with "Fernando and his keyboards".
    · At 18: 00 h. Romería with "Fernando and his keyboards."
    At dusk verbena with "New Band" and "Capitol."

    Saturday 15th
    · 00: 00 h. Verbena in the parking lot of the Bus Station, with the orchestras "Graffiti" and "Miramar".

    Domingo 16 La Jira
    · From 17: 00 h. A 20: 00 h. In the parking lot of the Bus Station distribution of the Bollu and the wine bottle for the partners.
    Dance throughout the afternoon in charge of the group "Musical Union of the Principality".
    22: 00 h. Verbena in the Vega de Contranquil with the "New York" and "Gran Parada" orchestras.
    · 00: 00 h. On the Roman Bridge "Fireworks".
    · 00: 30 h. Continuation of the Verbena.

    ** Photo of the Celebration Society of Cangas de Onís.

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