2013 Portal Parties

2013 Portal Parties

Once again, the patron saint festivities of the town of Villaviciosa will take place, we will inform you about the complete program of events, full of sports, music, competitions, activities for the kids ...

Friday day 13

21: 00 hours: public act of opening and opening of the parties. Presentation by Merche Álvarez and Juan Jurado. Proclamation by Evaristo Arce, villaviciosino journalist and writer. Riera Theater.

Greetings from the Mayor. Presentation of the Queens and Ladies of the Festival of the Portal and the XXIX Apple Festival.

Round of the University Tuna of Magisterium of Santander.

Saturday 14

11: 00 hours: LXVIII Ria de Villaviciosa Regatta. Grand Prix «El Gaitero» - Organized by Club Piraguas «El Gaitero». Ría de Villaviciosa.

11: 00 hours: Departure from the XXXI Cross Imperial Route: Tazones-Villaviciosa, organized by «El Gaitero athletismo Villaviciosa». Awarding of prizes to the 13: 00 in the Ancho, Tazones-

16: 30-19: 00 hours: Children's games. Park of the Pelambre LA PUMARADA.

17: 00-20: 00 hours: II Tournament Nª Sra. Of the Futsal Portal. Manuel Busto Municipal Sports Center.

17: 30 hours: Best homemade cider contest in Asturias. Apple Festival. Town Hall Square.

17: 30 hours: Soccer 3ª Division - CD Loyalty - Luarca. Municipal Field of Las Callejas.

20: 00 hours: Coral Meeting Nª Sra. Del Portal.
Polyphonic Choir Yearning of Langreo, Polyphonic Choir Santiago López de Pravia and Coral Chapel of La Torre de Villaviciosa. Riera Theater.

23: 30 hours: FOURTH STREET Orchestra. Town Hall Square.

Sunday 15 day

11: 30 hours: Departure from Ramu to the Parochial Church accompanied by the Folkloric Group of Villaviciosa. Graduated Schools.

12: 00 hours: Solemn Mass in honor of the patron saint Our Lady of the Portal. Procession of the Santina del Portal to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento accompanied by the Folkloric Group of Villaviciosa, the Band of Gaites de Villaviciosa «El Gaitero» and the Band of Music of Villaviciosa. Parochial Church.

13: 30 hours: Dance of the Portal under the direction of Ana María González Suárez, with the accompaniment of the Band of Music of Villaviciosa and the Parochial Choir. Town Hall Square.

14: 30 hours: Auction of the Ramu. Parochial Church.

16: 00 hours: XXXIV National Motocross Our Lady of the Portal. Awarding of 21 Awards: 00 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Organized by Moto Club Villaviciosa. Prau de la Fontanina.

18: 30-20: 30 hours: Demonstration of Asturian Traditional Sports organized by 6 Conceyos. Town Hall Square.

22: 30 hours: Orchestra PASITO SHOW. Town Hall Square.

Monday day 16

11: 00 hours: Children's drawing contest. Topic «Apple and Nature» Category A: from 8 to 12 years. Category B: from 5 to 7 years. Registrations of the same Monday from the 11 in the morning in the Ballina Park. Awards ceremony from the 14: 00 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Organized Villaviciosa City Council (Department of Culture) Ballina Park.

12: 00 hours: Show and children's games by the group Trebeyos. Town Hall Square.

16: 00-19: 00 hours: Collection of the bags with the snack for the members. Plaza de Abastos.

17: 00 hours: Contest of pourers. Town Hall Square.

19: 00 hours: Departure from the Tour to Prau enlivened by the Folkloric Group of Villaviciosa. Town Hall Square.

23: 30 hours: FOURTH STREET Orchestra. Star performance of NATALIA. Town Hall Square.

Tuesday 17 day

11: 30 hours: Children's costumes and awards ceremony of the school drawing and writing contest organized by the Association of Friends of the Festival's Fietes. Delivery of gifts to all participants. Town Hall Square.

12: 00-13: 30 hours: Children's show by LA REPERA TEATR ... OOOH !!! "The great circus of the cachivachis". Town Hall Square.

16: 00 hours: LXXVII National Cycle Circuit Our Lady of the Portal, Grand Prix City Hall of Villaviciosa. 19 awards ceremony: 30 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Cervantes Street

16: 30 hours: TECNO-GYMKHANA (For over 11 years).
Delivery of planes and numbers at the meeting point. Limited places. Reservations and more info: EYE: Indispensable mobile with QR code reader to participate. Park of the Pelambre.

16: 30-19: 00 - Park of the Hair LA PUMARADA - GAMES FOR CHILDREN

17: 30 hours: Day of the Sports Club Loyalty. Presentation of the base teams of the Loyalty CD, the first team of the Loyalty CD and the 2012-14 kit.
Match: Generations 60-70 vs. Generations 70-80. Great Espicha-Paellada with DJ Aim at Campo de Las Callejas or Nuevo Villazón (Amandi) or on the 616.911.142 phone. Field of Las Callejas.

17: 30 hours: III Homemade Muffins Contest. Delivery of prizes and tasting from the 19: 30 in Plácido Jove Hevia street. Plácido Jove Hevia Street.

19: 00 hours: XXIX Regional Contest of Natural Cider. Villaviciosa 2013. Final and awards ceremony. Llagar de La Ferrería.

23: 30 hours: Concentration of Disguised Robes, delivery of ribbons and flags; and a parade to the Pelambre Park. Town Hall Square.

24: 00 hours: ASSIA Orchestra and mobile disco. Awards to the three best clubs in disguise. Park of the Pelambre.

Wednesday the 18

9: 30 hours: LVI Contest-exhibition of Cattle Cattle. Park of the Barquerina.

12: 00 hours: II Tortillas Contest. Awards ceremony from the 13: 30 in the Plaza del Ecce-Homo. Plaza del Ecce-Homo.

12: 30 hours: Asturian Festival of Tonada in tribute to the Torner Quartet. Town Hall Square

16: 30 hours: Descent of the Virgin by the members of the Dance of the Portal and mayada of the First Mosto. First Mosto offering to Our Lady of the Portal. Dance to the Santina, under the direction of Ana María González Suarez, with the accompaniment of the Banda de Gaites de Villaviciosa «El Gaitero» and the parish choir. Town Hall Square.

17: 30 hours: Grand Parade-Carriage Contest presented by Merche Álvarez and Juan Jurado. Accompanied by the Folk Group of Villaviciosa and the Banda de Gaites de Villaviciosa «El Gaitero»

23: 00 hours: Orchestra DOMINATED. Town Hall Square.

24: 00 hours: Great Burning of Fireworks. Organized by: Devita Pyrotechnics.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4831543 Length: -5.4347992

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