Festivities of San Antonio in Cangas de Onís

The festivities of San Antonio, in Cangas de Onís, will start the June 8 with the reading of the proclamation, by Celso Fernández Sangrador, «El de La Sifonería». The event will take place at 20 h. in the afternoon, at the Teatro Colón, and in the course of it will proceed to the presentation of the queen and bridesmaids of the parties.

A host of events for adults and children will happen over a week. To enjoy!

Saturday 8

19: 00 h. Parade of pipers, giants and big heads.
20.00 h. At the Cine Colón «The Pregón» by Celso Fernández Sangrador.
Presentation of the queen and bridesmaids of the parties. Performance of the Folkloric Association Picos de Europa, Band of Bagpipes, Children's Choir of the Municipal School of Music and Coro Peñasanta, presentation by Angel Lueje.
23.00 h. Verbena in the Robledal of San Antoniu. Orchestra Azabache, Avalle Van and DJ.

Sunday 9 day

19.00 h. Dance in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento with Lando and his orchestra.

Wednesday the 12

18.00 h. Parade of pipers, giants and big heads.
00.00 h. In the Robledal of San Antoniu «The Joguera». One hour nates begins the festival with the orchestras Los Satellites and D'Moda.

Thursday 13 day «San Antoniu»

9.00 h. Download of flyers announcing the start of the Big Day of the holidays
10.00 h. Mass in the Chapel of San Antoniu.
10.30 h. Descent of the Santu in procession to the parish church of Santa María.
12.00 h. Solemn Mass sung by the Peñasanta Choir.
13.00 h. Procession of the Santu to its chapel in El Robledal, accompanied by the bagpipe band City of Cangas de Onís.
Auction of the Ramu and Burning of the Xigante.
Vermouth session with The Da Silva Group.
18.30 h. Pilgrimage with The Da Silva Group.
At nightfall, the beginning of the Verbena with the Marbella Light Show and Claxxon orchestras.

Friday 14 day «Children's Day»

From 16.00 h. to 20.30 h. In the courtyard of the Rey Pelayo Institute, giant amusement park that includes: jaima with interactive activities, special trago tiger, marine slide, mechanical bull, human football, crazy ball, track balance bike, pool with water boats, tourist train, cars ecological shock, bebeteca, storytelling ...

19.00 h. The Tato show.
23.00 h. Verbena in the Vega de Contranquil, next to the ship of the old bakery: Fourth Street and Dj.

Saturday 15 day «Great verbena»

19.00 h. Parade with the charanga The Team A.
23.00 h. Verbena in the valley of Contranquil, next to the ship of the old bakery: Olympus and Assia.

Sunday day 16 «La Jira»

12.00 h. Parade with the charanga The Team A.
17.00 h. In La Vega de Contranquil, the distribution of the bollu and the wine bottle for the members.
Dance throughout the afternoon in charge of the charanga The Team A.
22.00 h. Verbena in the Contranquil Vega: Philadelphia and Fourth Street.
00.00 h. In the Roman Bridge Los Fuegos by Pirotecnia Pibierzo SL de León.

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