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Natural Park of Redes

The enchanted forest of the Redes Park

Natural Park of Redes

The enchanted forest of the Redes Park

The Network Park is located located in the east-eastern mountain sector, covering the municipal terms of Caso and Sobrescobio. It belongs to the Nalón region. It is a territory of great heritage values ​​with a good number of environmental arguments. It has been granted the title of Natural Reserve, also that of Biosphere Reserve.

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Its impressive groves, its virgin nature, and the invaluable manipulation of the environment by the men and women who inhabit it, deserve an award as well as the administrative and material means to continue protecting a habitat of so many excellences.

Its surface is 376,2 Km2. It is characterized for having an orography of medium and high mountain; dominated by limestone rock, the Atlantic forest, meadows and grasslands in the bottoms of the valleys. The minimum level of the Park is 400m. above sea level and the maximum is in the Picu Torres with 2.104 meters.

The mountainous and abrupt terrain explains that almost 80% of its surface is located above the 800 m. and more than 80% have more than the 30% slope. These characteristics ensure a natural environment barely modified by the hand of man, with beauty and natural resources almost intact.

In the Park the Nalón River is born in the foothills of the Port of Tarna, historic step between the plateau and the lands of Asturias.

The environmental richness of the park is manifested in a multitude of landscapes and contrasts. You can see formations of glacial origin, karstic forms in caves and lapiaces, wide fields of grass, mountains and leafy forest masses. Networks has a wooded area of ​​40% of the territory.

Through the Park of Networks all the characteristic species of the north of the peninsula pass through. The grizzly, the wolf, with stable breeding areas. One of the largest populations of chamois region of. The fascinating capercaillie, Egyptian vultures, royal eagles and endless birds, reptiles and amphibians benefit from the good state of conservation of the park.

The beech forest is the forest that predominates in the mountains of Redes, although we must also highlight important areas of oak. The action of the rivers has given rise to the appearance of open valleys that form large fertile valleys in their impressive limestone rocky gorges, like the one that configures the route of the Alba or the one of the Arrudos.

The hiking options are practically unlimited, but we can also enjoy more comfortable excursions, by car access to the surroundings of the Tanes reservoir and resting in the recreational area of ​​the Cave Devoyu, Por ejemplo.

The best thing to know all the landscape alternatives is to approach the Park Interpretation Center located in the capital of the council of Caso, Campo de Caso.

Other possibilities go through the cultural and ethnographic knowledge of the man who inhabits this environment. The Museum of Wood in Veneros, as well as the Workshop of La Madreña in Pendones, are two magnificent options to enjoy more if possible of our visit.

not lacking places to stay and eat with all the guarantees. In Case the famous Casin cheese that will leave on our palate a taste of mouth comparable to the pleasant sensory stimulus that the landscape provides to our eyes.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.1996689 Length: -5.4231262


From Asturias the main way of communication is the AS-17 road (Avilés-Puerto de Tarna) and the AS-254 road (Infiesto-Campo de Caso) communicates the council with the neighbor of Piloña from the capital. This road is somewhat winding and worse asphalt than the first, although it is exceptional in landscape, with a dream journey.

There is a regular public transport service along the road that joins the council with Oviedo, the Alcotán company.

You can also depart from León (Puente Villarente), passing through Boñar and continuing along the LE-331 road (El Porma Reservoir, Puebla de Lillo, Cofiñal), you will arrive at the Port of Tarna, entering the Redes Natural Park ( Case Council). Also from Riaño, (León) by the C-635 passing through Berón, Lario, Acebedo, you arrive at the Port of Tarna.

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