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Malecón Park

Wetland in a unique environment

Malecón Park

Wetland in a unique environment

Urban marshes area where a great variety of birds live throughout the year. The area has a playground with swings and zip line y several viewpoints to contemplate the aquatic birds.

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Originally this area of ​​old boxed marshes between the rocky cliffs of the Ardines massif and the dune system located in front of the Santa Marina de Ribadesella Beach, it had a mix of fresh and salt water, subject to a tidal regime that led to a great wealth of species and habitats in the ecosystem. At present, the urbanization of part of the marshes, the desiccation of another of the areas, the discharges of untreated urban waters, the deposit of garbage and debris, the clogging of the intertidal zone, and the regulation of the flow of water through gates in the mouth, have seriously affected this enclave.

However, the privileged situation of the wetland and the modification and adaptation of its ecosystems means that, even today, after such profound disturbances and despite the problems of clogging and contamination, they inhabit this enclave. multitude of bird species. Although bird species can be seen during the reproductive period from late spring to mid-late summer, it is during migratory steps (pre-nuptial or spring and post-nuptial or fall) and in the wintering period when more species can be seen and in greater numbers.

The presence in winter of a great roost of Cattle Egrets and Great Egrets where more than a hundred specimens are concentrated, staining the trees where they perch for the night white. To this roost they also go gray herons and even common spatulas during the winter months. During times of migratory passages and in winter, it constitutes an important enclave as a refuge and an important feeding area for many species of waders, as archibebes, sandpipers, sandpipers, needles or snipe.

How breeding species, in addition to a good number of small birds typical of these ecosystems, such as warblers, mosquito nets, washerwomen o zarceros, The reproduction of common redfish and mallards is frequent. It is not uncommon to observe the spectacular Kingfisher during their dives to search for fish. And throughout the year you can see gray herons and little egrets along its shores and yellow-legged and laughing gulls who find in this place a place to rest or feed.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.4635277 Length: -5.0680017

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