Oviedo is fashionable 2015

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Oviedo gathers the days 5, 6, 7 and 8 of November in "Oviedo is fashionable" to a large number of local and national designers, bloggers, models ... fashionistas in short.
An event that in its third edition promises to become a national reference, is organized by ADACO.

12.500 seats with free admission. Invitation is needed for tables, debates, presentations and runways.
Tables and presentations with topics related to the fashion industry.

At the same time, other cultural promotion activities related to fashion are planned: exhibitions, gastronomy, music, visual and graphic arts, etc.
Designers can display their collections free of charge the total number of days of the event.
Scheduled meetings between producers, distributors and points of sale.
Marketplace with 600 square meters of space rental for exhibitors.
Showrooms that designers can rent for direct sales of their collections to the public.

· ADACO catwalk with collections from Oviedo stores.
· ESNE catwalk with new designers who have just finished their studies.
· Cantabrian catwalk of young designers.
· Catwalk Spain / young people with young designers with experience in catwalk and own atelier.
· Catwalk Spain with creators of Fashion Spain with international projection.
· Europe walkway with invited designers from other countries.

Friday day 6
16: 00 hours Spain walk with Pablo Lanzarote
18: 00 hours Spain International Walk with Roberto Verino
20: 00 hours International Spain Catwalk with Miguel Marinero
21: 15 hours Catwalk Spain International with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Saturday 7
16: 00 hours ADACO Catwalk with Brands and Shops of Oviedo
18: 00 hours Spain Footbridge with Alberto Sinpatron
20: 00 hours Catwalk Spain International with Ulises Mérida
21: 30 hours Spain International Footbridge with Manuel de Gotor

Sunday 8 day
15: 00 hours ESNE catwalk with Elena León, Tania Perón, Isabel López, Gabriela Durán and Javier Noriega
17: 00 hours Cantábrico Pasarela with Nuria Ordiales, Macarena Alvarez, Yanire Tornin and Evelin Martínez
18: 30 hours Catwalk Europe with Carla Pontes and Hugo Costa
19: 00 hours Pasarela Ribera de Duero / iuevnes - Award ceremony
21: 00 hours Catwalk Spain with Antonio Mancini
22: 00 hours Spain International Footbridge with Florentino

coordinates Latitude: 43.3591843 Length: -5.8600202

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