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Tourist Office of Llanes

Tourist Office of Llanes

Tourist Office of Llanes
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    The tourist office of Llanes is now located in the lower part of the old house of Posada Herrera, in the Casa de Cultura of the town of Llanes.
    The intention of the Municipality of Llanes is that the new location of the tourist office, located only 50 meters from the tower, is provisional. The municipal government team has in mind to enable the building of the old rula located on the street Marqués de Canillejas to use it as a tourist office.

    Tourist Office Llanes:
    C / Posada Herrera, House of Culture. 33500 Llanes
    Phone: 985 400 164
    Fax: (+985) 401 999 XNUMX

    Summer time, from the 15 from June to the 15 from September.
    Every day from 10 to 14 h. and from 17 to 21 h.

    Winter time.
    From Monday to Saturday from 10 a14 h. and from 16 to 18.30 h.
    Sundays and holidays from 10 to 14 h.

    Photo: Ana Müller.

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