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Mountains of the North is an establishment inscribed in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the Principality of Asturias With the code: TA009
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Montañas del Norte is an Active Tourism company dedicated to providing its clients with attractive experiences and a high degree of controlled adventure.

We are a company with quality certification in destination SICTED.

Our goal is to provide our clients with unforgettable experiences complemented by different value-added services. Our activities are coordinated by experts that control each and every one of the moments of risk that exist in each adventure. After several years in the sector we have consolidated ourselves with a package of active tourism services that accommodate the requests and desires of our customers.

We have two offices in Arriondas in Ribadesella.

  • Marqueses de Argüelles 26 street (next to the tourist office).
  • El Pico 7 street (beach area).

Prices per person, VAT included:


  • 1 10 of a people: 25 €
    (10 discount% online payment = 22,50 €)
  • 11 to 20 people: 22 €
    (10 discount% online payment = 20 €)
  • 21 to 40 people: 20 €
    (10 discount% online payment = 18 €)

Adults and children (under 12 years): 40 €
(10 discount% online payment = 36,00 €)

We also offer you GIFT BONUSES to enjoy Ribadesella check our website, we offer you Active tourism packages and accommodation, getaways ....

We are going to practice it in the Picos de Europa. The visit to the interior of the mountains will surprise us with its formations sculpted by water over millions of years. All this hidden beauty we can enjoy without any experience, only with the expert company of a guide.

2 people minimum of + 7 years.
3 hours.
Guide and transport.

Canoe excursion that takes place the same route as the international test.
The exit is made from the bridge of Arriondas and previously the monitor gives a small course of the handling of the boat, an interpretation of the landscape and some tips for the descent.

The journey ends at our pier about twelve kilometers, shortly before the San Román bridge.
The time spent It will be about four hours, counting rest stops and food.
The canoes are stable and easy to use, with capacity for one (K-1), two (K-2) or three seats (the latter being for a child).

Aquatic activity that takes place in a natural mountain environment descending the upper part of a river.
We will alternate climbing techniques (rappelling) with swimming and our skill to avoid the slopes that are presented to us. As well as waterfalls, natural rock slides.

Minimum age 8 years.
Duration 4 hours.

We propose the descent of rivers in pneumatic boat, manned by several people, accompanied by a guide, who manages the boat at all times. A daily departure, on the river Sella, and on the river Cares, from the 2 of March to the 31 of October, with a minimum of 4 people.

Paintball is one of the most projected games in the world. It is practiced with pistols that shoot gelatin balls and colored water. It is a safe sport since the markers and the balls are harmless. For greater safety, a protective mask specially designed for this sport is played.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4623642 Length: -5.0597086

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