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Free museums, museums dedicated to Asturian painters, to the railroad, to the most contemporary art, museums that show the recent history of the Asturian population ... museums for all tastes that make Gijón a tourist quality destination, as shown by the award for the Best Destination of Tourist Quality 2012.

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Railway Museum of Asturias

The Railway Museum of Asturias is the center for research and dissemination of the railway history of Asturias. It has an important collection of objects related to the railway and in its permanent exhibition it offers us a wide vision of the relationship established between the railway and the social, technical and economic history of Asturias.

Plaza Estación del Norte, s / n
Contact phone number: 985 308 575
Free access: Sundays

More info Railway Museum of Asturias

La Laboral Art Center

A cultural space of futuristic dyes, with diaphanous architecture, voluminous spaces and technological contents that attract the public like a magnet. With a total of 14.400 square meters of surface, more than 4.000 destined to exhibition halls, some 700 for workshops and laboratories and more than a thousand for LabCafé, a multipurpose place that, in addition to cafeteria and restaurant, hosts concerts and performances.

The Meadows, 121
Contact phone number: 985 185 577
Free access: Wednesday and 18 of May - International Museum Day - Saturdays and Sundays in July, August and September

More info La Laboral Art Center

Evaristo Valley Museum

The Evaristo Valle Museum is the result of the affection and generosity of the niece of the painter María Rodríguez del Valle, who since her death at 1951 treasured with admirable zeal works, personal objects and documents of the artist that today make up the museum's collections.

It permanently exhibits more than a hundred works by Valle, organized chronologically, thematically or technically.

Camino de Cabueñes, 261 - Somió
Contact phone number: 985 33 40 00

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Barjola Museum

The headquarters of the center is one of the greatest exponents of baroque architecture in Gijón. It was completed in the year 1676 and is known since ancient times as the Conjunto de la Trinidad (Historic Artistic Monument).

In 1985 the painter Juan Barjola made two donations to the Principality of Asturias; one to the Museum of Fine Arts and another to the museum that bears his name. The donation comprises 104 works dated between 1950 and 1988. In the museum that bears his name can be seen a permanent exhibition of some of his works, through the most representative thematic sets of his career: bullfighting, maternity, suburbs, erotic themes, heads and skulls, dogs ...

c / Trinidad, 17
Contact phone number: 985 357 939
Free access every day

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The Roman Villa of Veranes

Its construction follows the canons of the time. The small emperor of this hacienda lived from agriculture and livestock, and his village dominated a beautiful sunny hill, which allowed him even the cultivation of vineyards, very rare in these latitudes. Currently, it is one of the most paradigmatic places to investigate the transition from the Roman to the medieval world.

Information telephones:
985 185 129 - 629 755 409
Accesses: the Roman villa of Veranes is at 12 kms. from Gijón, it is accessed by the AS-II motorway, exit 17. Follow directions.

More info The Roman Villa of Veranes

Muséu del Pueblu d'Asturies

An enclosure of almost 35.000 square meters for the most part outdoors. Going through El Museu del Pueblu d'Asturies means discovering or rediscovering the daily life of our ancestors, knowing what their working and leisure hours were, how they were related, what their houses were like ... close to 10.000 thousand traditional objects.

Walk of Doctor Fleming, 877 (La Güelga)
Phone 985 182 960 / 963

More info Muséu del Pueblu d'Asturies

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