Fernando Alonso Museum

The best collection of the 1 Formula

Fernando Alonso Museum

The best collection of the 1 Formula

«The warrior does not say, jokingly, words that denote weakness of mind. The deepest of the heart is discovered even in insignificant things, ”Fernando Alonso wrote on Twitter after reading Japanese texts. And it is that his sports career is, by courage and passion, similar to that of a samurai.

Dispute racing 1 Formula is for Alonso more than the expression of a dream. His talent came as standard and his swift career made his best dream come true with only 24 years.

The pilot «Fernado Alonso»

In September of 2005 Fernando proclaims himself World Champion of Formula 1, the youngest in history to get it. That same year he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports. In 2006 it returned to be world champion, later it would obtain three subchampionships and a third position. So young and seems to have no records to overcome or goals to achieve. With 21 years he was the youngest driver to achieve a pole position, with 22 the youngest to win a Grand Prix. Maybe he was also the youngest to start in the world of motorsport: with only 3 years already competed in go-kart circuits.

He has won more than 30 Grand Prix and takes the path of becoming the most successful in the history of this sport.

«El Nano» decided a few years ago to open a museum with his name. A museum that reviews his fertile career and his commitment to the different teams, a bet that has made him one of the pilots who best knows the ins and outs of all teams. Minardi, Renault, Mc Laren, Ferrari ... "Magic ALonso" is a nomad of the Formula 1, that's why his museum is so amazing.

The Fernando Alonso Museum

The complex, located in La Morgal - in the Asturian municipality of Llanera, to 12 kilometers from Oviedo-, It has an area of ​​95.442 square meters, distributed among the museum, a spectacular circuit of go-karts, with a road education area and a specialized driving section. Alonso himself collaborated in the design of the circuit, which with 1.800 meters can host international competitions and faithfully reproduces some of his favorite stretches, such as the “s” of Suzuka, the last curve of Valencia or the chican of Parma. Karting is, for Alonso, the best pilot school. And he says it from experience. With this exceptional circuit, Alonso and the foundation that bears his name are involved in the formation of new talents. Also it promotes from this headquarters, scholarships directed to university students that intensify the systems of infantile security in the car.

The museum itself houses some three hundred pieces of the provisional legacy of the pilot, including all the cars with which he has competed since the 3 years. As the 5 Ferrari with which it competed between the 2010 and 2014 seasons. It also highlights the Renault R23 with which he achieved his first pole (Malaysian GP 2003) and his first victory (Hungarian GP 2003). Two more Renault, The R25 and R26, occupy a special place for being the cars with which he won the world championships in the seasons 2005 and 2006, respectively. Visitors can also enjoy the McLaren MP4 / 4 with which Ayrton Senna won his first 1988 title. Monoplaza in which José Luis Alonso, father of the Asturian pilot, was inspired to build the first kart of his son. The kart, which is part of the permanent exhibition, was the one with which Alonso began his career of triumphs.

In total you can see a total 17 single seater, numerous helmets, gloves, overalls, boots, photographs, videos and dozens of trophies of the world champion. It is a collection started from the beginning of his career and that at first had a private character. Now everyone can enjoy it.

So do not miss it. In addition, in the museum you can also make a souvenir of your visit: shirts, hats, polos ... available in your exclusive store.

Museum Hours "Fernando Alonso"

· Monday to Friday from 10 am. at 19 p.m.
· Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 am. at 19 p.m.

· 30 minutes before the Museum closing time (18.30 pm).
· The eviction of the rooms will take place 15 minutes before closing (18.45:XNUMX p.m.)


How to get to Fernando Alonso's museum?
The circuit and museum of Fernando Alonso is practically halfway between Oviedo and Gijón, near the technology park of Asturias and its access is easy from the A66 or the AS2, from which you have to take the detour through the AS17 that crosses the industrial estate in which the facilities are located.

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