Evaristo Valley Museum

Evaristo Valle and his work

Evaristo Valley Museum

Evaristo Valle and his work

For Evaristo Valle painting, as for Renaissance artists, is a mental thing. He was not one of those who plant his easel before a landscape and transcribe it with absolute thoroughness. Valle is an original artist; It was a boy when he began to doodle with his box of colors to express the emotion that nature produced.

As Lafuente Ferrari tells us: «There are painters who, although very gifted for their art, need many essays before finding their own voice. I say his voice and not his world, because that was imposed on Valle from his early years; the sweet and humid nature of Asturias, the humble life, stuck to the earth, the melancholy of the green acids under the leaden clouds, the village peace in contrast to the city's artificial existence ... »

Son of his time as Zuloaga, Pérez de Ayala and others, Valle was interested in his characters more human characteristic than realistic individualizing. It captured the temperament and the sociological situation of its models and presented them in the middle in which both things are best reflected: the sailor in a chat with the networks, the gossips murmuring, the lady surrounded by servants or chaplains ... that is, Evaristo Valle paints more than man to people. Therefore, he did not need the physical presence of his models, but his memory. However, the habit of contemporary painters in Valle was very different: model and study, workshop and model. When in one of his moments of fruitful creation, in the 20 years, someone asked him in Gijón if he painted by heart, Valle replied: «I don't remember painting a picture without seeing it before in real life and looking at it and looking at it and feeling it and feeling its line, its color and its beauty, it has touched me so much at times, that tears came to my eyes to see it. »

The Evaristo Valle Museum is the result of the affection and generosity of the niece of the painter María Rodríguez del Valle, who since his death in 1951 treasured with admirable zeal works, personal objects and documents of the artist that today make up the museum's collections.

They are exhibited permanently More than a hundred works by Valle, organized chronologically, thematically or technically, allow us to approach their deep, varied and rich pictorial and pictorial legacy. You can also see next to the reconstruction of his studio, the suggestive collection of shells inherited by his father's painter.

His first paintings made in Paris from 1903 as well as in The orgy, others from the middle of the first decade of the century as The sick granddaughter y The philosopher; or his family portraits, works as serious and profound as the portraits of the grandmother and the mother of the painter, the latter only work that always remained hanging in his studio and was repeatedly modified.

After his definitive return to Gijón, key works within his production, with paintings as important as those of the series The boxes, Carnival dance, The foal in the corral y Elegant of Gijón; from these, the landscape and people of Asturias would always be present, aware that in this corner of the world, because of their "simple complexity" and their absolutely unique experiential characteristics, they had enough capacity to supply their creative imagination arsenal enough to develop a work with universal reach.

The two museum buildings are located within splendid gardens, mix of French and English gardening, that with more than 16.000 square meters they conserve, after a century, a good part of the layout, ornamental elements and many of their 120 different species of trees and shrubs, mostly native.

The museum, forms well an incomparable frame full of melancholy is in perfect harmony with the work and personality of Evaristo Valle, as well as that of its founder. In the gardens, more than twenty sculptures are exhibited, preferably by contemporary artists, there being a space for contemplation and study of birds and another dedicated to Bonsai.

Museo Evaristo Valle opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday, from 17.00:20.00 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
Sundays and holidays from 12.00 to 14.00 h.

Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.00:13.00 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
Sundays and holidays from 12.00 to 14.00 h.

By prior arrangement, even outside these hours.

On Mondays and on January 1st and 6th and December 24th, 25th and 31st.

Evaristo Valle Museum Rates

REDUCED 3 € Students, retirees, over 65s and groups.
FREE Friends of the museum, Tuesdays, children under 12 accompanied by an adult and users of the Gijón Card.
GUIDED TOURS € 30 During opening hours after agreement. Outside these hours check availability and rates.
PROFESSIONAL PHOTO REPORTS € 50 At a time to be agreed.


Camino de Cabueñes, 261 - Somió
33203, Gijón

Contact phone number : 985 33 40 00

More information: Evaristo Valley Museum

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