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In one of the most famous hills of the Sierra del Sueve stands an old concrete watchtower from the early XNUMXth century: the Mirador del Fito. From here we can make a sequence plane without cuts, hardly without batting an eye, which immediately reveals the basic elements of the Asturian landscape: sea, middle mountain, high mountain, praos, valleys, fog, towns. In the long distance, with clear days, we discovered bulky profiles and silhouettes as if in front of us a huge 3D map formed.

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To some 1.100 meters above sea level, the Mirador del Fito is written in capital letters; It is one of those rare places that allows a spectacular view of 360º. At our reach more than 100 kilometers of cliff coast and beaches, and many other mountains: the Sueve Nature Reserve, the Ponga Natural Park and the Picos de Europa National Park. From East to West we locate the villages of Ribadesella, Caravia, Colunga and Villaviciosa (in the clearest days you can get to see Gijón). To the South, places of Parres, Cangas de Onís and Covadonga.

The term Fito (Fitu) perhaps comes from hito (jito), as it is a place of passage and a geographical point where several territories coincide. In his day, passed through here a ancient Roman road. The viewpoint itself is a kind of flying saucer, suspended a few meters above the ground, which seems to have deployed a staircase to step on land. The locals know it as the cazu, because of its cup shape. It was inaugurated in 1927 with the idea that tourists could achieve the best visual experience without trees in between, and its construction was an example of citizen collaboration. There were numerous donations from all over the Principality, as well as the contribution of materials from several companies in the area.

A tribute to the Asturian landscape. A unique location that also it is the starting point for numerous hiking trails that allow us to reach higher peaks and bigger panoramic views. Yes, the Fito cordal arrived by car and these other summits after a good walk. Such is the case of the highest point of the Sierra del Sueve: the Picu Pienzu. Starting from the Fitu, we can reach this top and turn around in about five hours. An unforgettable and low difficulty excursion. From the Fito, the route appears clearly outlined. The path leads us to a sheepfold known as "El Bustacu". From this point on, walking becomes more expensive, but nothing that cannot be overcome with water in the canteens and some tonic. At our feet, to the North, we see La ViesconaSueve's most important and spectacular beech forest well worth a separate visit. From the Pienzu can be seen, on a very clear day, from Galicia to Vizcaya. With its 1.149 meters high it is one of the closest summits to the sea on the entire planet.

How to get to Mirador del Fitu?

To get to Mirador del Fitu we must take the AS-260 road, that communicates the localities of Arriondas and Colunga. We can take it from Arriondas or from Colunga. The port of El Fito is equidistant from both towns, just halfway, to 11 kilometers. This road is of great beauty, with a winding path but well asphalted and safe. Every year, the popular Subida al Fito takes place, a scoring rally test for the Spanish championship. Once above, we will find parking area a few meters from the viewpoint.

coordinates Latitude: 43.4476547 Length: -5.1848655
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