Mercau Astur de Nava

Asturian bathroom

Mercau Astur de Nava

Asturian bathroom

Going back to the past, or rather preserving the Asturian rural essence, is one of the reasons that the traditional markets in the Principality are increasing. At the end of June, coinciding with San Juan, the town of Nava celebrates one of the most populous and genuine. The navetos are adorned to pay a well deserved tribute to their identity, in the purest style of the Middle Ages.

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Mercau Astur de Nava, which coincides and gives more content to the popular celebration of San Xuan, is a Regional Tourist Interest that overflows colorful and expectation. The villa is transformed into a living museum, with numerous craft stalls and workshops in which all the old trades are represented: mothers-in-waiting, jewelers, tinsmiths, jet-setters, basket makers, shoemakers ... Live we can see the embossing of leather, tin, carded of wool, to the molding of metals ...

This recreation also includes an outstanding gastronomic sample. Good food and good cider everywhere in this cider population par excellence. Regional cheeses and sausages, homemade pastries, garden products, packaged artisans and a long list that extends to other products of traditional consumption, such as organic cosmetics, textiles and a large sample of regional crafts.

In the Mercau Astur de Nava you can, therefore, eat, drink, shop, learn and have fun. Above all, as the day progresses and the expectation of visitors grows. Characters of ancestral nature mingle with the public. They are the giants, the big heads, the puppeteers. And not for music, dances and dances, Asturian songs, juggling, storytelling, folk music. We are in a few days marked by animation, in which there is not a minute's pause: the fountains are set up, the parades with country cars begin, we see acrobats, the activities for children begin with mud workshops, donkey rides and horse, rope shot, sack races, stilts ...

And the night comes with the spectacular bonfire of San Xuan and live music. The party does not stop, but the next day someone will have to have their head in their place if they intend to take the Ramu. Like many other Asturian parties Nava retains this tradition: La Puya l'Ramu. At noon, artisan breads are placed on a wooden structure, decorated with plant motifs and colored ribbons. In the fervor of the festive, the bid always reaches prices much higher than the real value of the auctioned.

And it is that the value of the authentic has no price.

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