Best towns Asturias

Guide for the towns of Asturias

Guide for the towns of Asturias

Coastal villages, high mountain villages, "exemplary" villages, a good number of Asturian populations are small towns with clear identity, traditions attached to the land ...

This is a small tour of some of the most unique Asturian towns, with a special environment, well-rooted popular traditions ... we will add more, since there are countless Asturian towns that could be included in this list.

Ceceda, Nava

In Asturian Cecea, is a parish of the council of Nava, in the central zone of Asturias. Located in the Comarca de la Sidra.

The town owns a chapel, the one of Santa Lucia (centuries XVII and XVIII). At the entrance of the village there is a medieval bridge restored in 2011, after having suffered a collapse. On the other hand, it should be noted its picturesque character, with abundant rehabilitated buildings and ethnographic elements of interest such as granaries, drinking fountains, etc.

Colombres, Ribadedeva

Villa and parish of the council of Ribadedeva, eastern end of the Principality of Asturias.
Its most notable tourist attractions are the La Franca Beach, the Pindal Cave, the San Emeterio Lighthouse, many of its buildings fruit of the past emigrant of the region and the Archivo de Indianos.

Candás, Carreño

It is the most populated parish of the Asturian council of Carreño. It is located in one of the northernmost points of the Peninsula, at 13 kilometers from Cabo de Peñas.
One of the most significant elements of the town is its port, in the past one of the most important of the Cantabrian Sea.

More info from Candás

Tielve, Cabrales

Mountain village in the municipality of Cabrales, heart of the Picos de Europa.
Cheese remains the epicenter of the activity. The Cabrales de Tielve is one of the tastiest in the area, with centuries of tradition and a good number of national and international awards. The farmers continue to climb the farms during the summer and early in the morning for the first milking of the animals.

More info from Tielve

Port of Vega, Navia

Puerto de Vega is located at 7,5 kilometers east of the capital of Navia. The public conscience has been awarded with the "Exemplary Village of Asturias" award given each year by Prince Felipe and which corresponded to Puerto de Vega in 1995. Three years later, at 1998, it was elected the prettiest town in Asturias.

More info from Puerto de Vega

Do not miss the picturesque port, the Paseo del Baluarte and the viewpoint of La Riva, the Chapel of the Watchtower and the Ethnographic Museum "Juan Pérez Villamil".

Tapia de Casariego

Port of sea that keeps the essence of always, on the Asturian west coast. Beaches of privileged waves being one of the meccas for the practice of Surfing in Spain.

More info from Tapia de Casariego

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