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Best Fabada of the world 2019

Best Fabada of the world 2019

Best Fabada of the world 2019

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    It has started the ninth edition Contest 'The Best Fabada in the World'with a total of one hundred restaurants, 25 of them are not from the Principality of Asturias.
    The professional jury, made up of eight people, has decided the sixteen restaurants that will compete, on Monday, January 14 at the Asturian Center in Madrid, to secure one of the three places reserved for restaurants outside of Asturias in the grand finale of the contest, to be held on March 26 in Villaviciosa.

    The restaurants that pass to this semifinal are: Casa Menéndez (Águilas, Murcia), Asgaya (Madrid), Ca Aida (Benidorm), Carús (Madrid), Casa Hortensia (Madrid), Casa Matilde (Coruña), Casa Zapico (Bargas, Toledo), the Café de la Ópera (Madrid), El Chigrín (Granada), Ordás Brothers (Madrid), La Figal (Cuenca), La Ménsula (Málaga) La Taberna (Torres de la Alameda, Madrid), La Taska Sidrería ( Valencia), Llaber (Barcelona) and Los Platos del Soto (Mallorca).

    In this contest, the attractiveness of the fabada from the visual point of view, the color of the dish, the absence of floating bean skins are valued ... The aromas of the stew, its potency, that have their just point of salt are also taken into account That the bean is buttery and whole… the quality of the compangu is also analyzed.

    The contest is organized by the Villaviciosa City Council and the Gustatio company, it is one of the most demanding that exists because the fabadas are tasted up to three times by an expert jury, anonymously and secretly.

    The winners in previous editions Asturian restaurants have always been:
    · Chema Food House (2011-2017)
    · The Moreno (2012)
    · The Llar de Viri (2013)
    · Sidriría Bedriñana (2014)
    · The Pomares (2015)
    · Vista Alegre (2016)
    · Gaucho Fierro (2018)

    * Photo property Gustatio.

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