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The best Cabrales in the country

The best Cabrales in the country

The best Cabrales in the country
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    The 'Los Mazos Cheese' from the Ángel Díaz Herrero cheese factory, in Tielve, Cabrales, has been considered as the best of the ripened with molds of Spain this 2015.
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, in its work to promote Spanish agri-food products, aims to contribute to improving knowledge and position in the cheese market. The types of cheese for the purpose of participating in the contest are: ripened cow's cheese, ripened sheep's cheese, ripened goat's cheese, ripened mixed cheese and ripened cheese with molds or blue cheese.

    The Official State Gazette publishes the Food Award of Spain for the Best 2015 Cheese, which in this edition has fallen on «Otatza Cheese», from Joseba Insausti cheese factory, from Ordizia (Guipúzcoa).
    The rest of the awards have fallen as follows:
    · Matured cow award for «Don Crisanto Cheese» from the Don Crisanto cheese factory, in Vilalba (Lugo).
    · Matured sheep prize for the "Otatza Cheese" itself.
    · Matured goat prize for «El Acehucheño Cheese» from El Acehucheño cheese factory, from Acehuche (Cáceres).
    · Matured mixing prize for «La Abadesa Cheese», from Entrepinares (Valladolid).
    · Prize matured with molds or blue cheese, for the aforementioned cabraliego cheese «Cheese Los Mazos».

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