The desserts of Gijón

Llambionaes de Gijón

In the city of Gijón there are ...

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In the city of Gijón there is a lot of llambión. No need to worry, it's not an insult. Llambión: it is said of that person who likes sweet temptations. In Gijón there are More than 60 establishments where to enjoy the most typical of your pastry, what you have to take as a souvenir of your visit to Gijón is listed in this list.

Gijón cake

This forceful pie with nougat taste was invented more than 40 years ago by the Agüera family, National Award of Pastry.
The denomination of "Gijon dessert" was given by the La Fe confectionery.
It is a cake with biscuit base and body of Jijona nougat cream toasted on the top. The cake should be kept and consumed cold to maintain its sweet taste.


Delicious stuffing based on cream with a touch of nougat, covered with sponge cake and chocolate and topped with chantilly and cherries. It is the other cake that is disputed with the Gijon, the honor of being the official dessert of the city.

From his stories we can see: the Austrian pastry chef Friedrich Wazinger came to Gijón around 1935 and rode on Covadonga street, corner of Eusebio Miranda, the famous confectionery La Vienesa, leaving the city, one of his emblematic desserts, the famous charlotte . The first charlotte was created at the beginning of the 19th century, in honor of the wife of King George III, Queen Charlotte. The recipe evolved until 1800 emerged another charlotte that is the closest to the current.

Its creator was the famous culinary trader and great French chef, Antoine Marie Carême. It is a cold dessert made of Bavarian cream biscuits, with which a mold is filled. The dessert was called "Parisian Charlota", later, when I worked in the kitchens of Tsar Alexander I would call it "Russian Charlota", which is the current name.

Little Princesses

There are throughout Asturias, although it is believed that the originals are from Gijón. Body of marzipan and cream of yolk, are elaborated in the confectionery the Beach, located in the Corrida street, from 1921. A classic of local pastry.

Florentines and forgaxes

The two are crispy cookies dipped in chocolate, the Florentines also with almonds and candied fruits.

Other llambionaes of Asturias

The casadielles.
Sweet wheat flour, stuffed with nuts and a touch of anise, fried sweet. They can also be made with puff pastry, made in the oven. When serving, sprinkle its sugar surface. It is a classic that is served throughout Asturias.

The bartolos.
Typical Asturian dessert, poor brother of the "carbayon" ... is delicious and easy to make.
Puff pastry filled with ground almonds and yolks. We recommend them for coffee time.

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