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The Monsters of the Machine

The Monsters of the Machine

The Monsters of the Machine (exhibition in Gijón)
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    The new Frankensteins of the XNUMXst century can be seen in  The Exhibition Gallery de Labor, Center of Art and Industrial Creation until May 21, 2017. This is a contemporary look at Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, inviting us to rethink the novelist's warning about the involuntary and dramatic effects that technologies and the imagination of scientists exert on the world.

    Visitors to the exhibition find works such as a poetry machine that uses the human genome to create a self-edited video montage. Avatars printed in 3d representing bodies twisted by pain that are related to virtual worlds devoid of geography. You will also meet The Garden of Emoji Delights (The Garden of Delights emoji), in which Carla Gannis mixes historical, popular and contemporary sign systems, expanding the emoji vocabulary in doing so. The artist created a 2D print version and a moving image version of the “emoji” garden. The static work is a direct homage to El Bosco and takes into account the scale and physical characteristics of the original. The moving image version allows the artist a greater dynamism favored by the use of a hybrid visual vocabulary.


    The visitors also participate in a software powered installation, a performative experiment of social neuroscience with which to discover the psychological biases that we share. A surreal installation presents a dystopian fusion of "reality" in the remote Australian desert and traditional tales of ghosts and dream tales, mixed with science fiction. A muzzle Customized redraws the map of the Sahara Desert in an algorithmically scripted performance, which runs through the Google Maps data landscape and populates a blog on Tumblr and its data centers. Artists collect our biomateria and the inconceivable amounts of data that we generate in our daily lives as materials endowed with an intrinsic recombinant intelligence and capable of generating (without the help of the human will) the narratives of human destiny, and more.

    Do we continue to inhabit our bodies, or do we share our corporeal materials for others to quantify, reconfigure and construct, extract data and manage from a distance?

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