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The Cubes of Memory

From bucket to bucket by the port of Llanes

The Cubes of Memory

From bucket to bucket by the port of Llanes

Since the work was inaugurated in late 2001, the Cubes of Memory have already summoned a multitude of visitors, who are surprised, never indifferent, before the chromatic, passionate, and the new colored horizon of the capital of the council of Llanes.

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The figure of the Basque artist Ibarrola It has generated excitement in this sense, but the work is renowned for its own merits, comes to life where the sea beats, surrounded by a coquettish port and a whole village behind it.

La breakwater of the port llanisco has changed its name to the Cubes of Memory, art has transformed the gray existence of concrete cubes into solid samples of present and past life of the popular culture of Llanes, including its nature and the most ancestral signs of a long life as a people

The colors already do their part and the international impact of the work it has even arrived prematurely, from the beginning. Many have already been the cultural representatives of other states that have become interested in it. There are already several concrete cultural exchange projects with Llanes. The Cubes of Memory thus achieve the objective for which they were created, to be a center of convocation, a point of attention of contemporary European art.

Essence of the Cubes of Memory

This powerful mural, as a multifaceted group, reflects contained in three dimensions that cause three possible readings:

The memory of Art, embodied in the prehistoric registers that dot here and there, in the midst of an avant-garde work that integrates them and makes them their own.

The memory of the artist, reflected in the overall finish of the same work, as a synthesis of an artistic career concerned with shapes and color.

The memory of the territory it refers to the cultural and landscape memory that has been cited. The rural and the urban, the adventure of doing the americas, the sea itself, its seagulls, the fishing population, the mountain ...

"The routes of memory" is the name that the Ayuntamiento llanisco has given to a illustrated cultural guide, destined to further disseminate the cubist mural of Ibarrola. The influence of the landscape, history, culture, customs and traditions, religious and mythological beliefs ...

To see this natural museum can be done from the viewpoint located in the old drying rack, next to the lighthouse, as well as from other points progressively further away: Puertu Chicu, Punta de Toró, Ballota ..., all of them currently linked by a coastal path .

In November 2003 concluded the second phase of this huge three-dimensional tapestry, which was made on 66 cubes of 60 tons each, located in the north dike of the port and visible from the sea and from a promenade enabled on the top of the main breakwater.

It can be seen how with this second round of paintings the heritage of the memory of art extends to geometric and abstract figures, the figurative elements disappearing, as if the work pretended to reach that avant-garde dimension that it offers in itself. Representation of the representation. The forms of memory, which synthesize the contents with sketches and colors, increases the significance of the work as a whole.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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