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Llanes Encanta 2016

Llanes Encanta 2016

Llanes Encanta 2016
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    Llanes pays homage to the song of the author, 8, 9 and 10 days for April. Llanes Encanta will bring together singer-songwriter Jerónimo Granda and musician Xuacu Amieva, and a group of singer-songwriters such as Patxi Andión, Javier Mugurza, Elisa Serna and Amancio Prada, among others.

    According to the organizers, it is a retrospective exhibition and a concert in which important referents of this musical expression will participate.

    Organized by the cultural group Tertulias in Llanes, this concert claims «the contribution of the singer-songwriters in the Spain of the 70 years and puts on sale a total of 2.500 tickets with seats.
    In addition to the concert, the program is full of activities, workshops and a multitudinous exhibition that will include photographs, artistic works, films and documentaries about the singer-songwriters.

    Saturday 9 for April 20: 00 for hours
    Esplanade of Sablón.
    In concert: Amancio Prada, Elisa Serna, Javier Muguruza, Jeronimo Granda, Julia Leon, Luis Pastor, Marina Rossell, Patxi Andion, Pablo Guerrero, Quico Pi de la Serra and Xuacu Amieva.

    Chair: 30 €
    Standing: 20 €

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