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The best routes of Asturias

The best routes of Asturias

Tourist routes in Asturias

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Tourist routes in Asturias

Asturias, with around ten thousand square kilometers of surface, occupies only 2,2% of the total area of ​​our country. However, if there was a ranking of provinces according to the number of tourist routes, the Principality would undoubtedly occupy a very prominent position. There is hardly a square kilometer that does not have a natural or cultural attraction. A very high density of "things to see" along thousands of "routes" of all kinds.

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The routes through Asturias can be classified according to very different criteria. There are thematic itineraries, simple walks, urban, gastronomic routes, small or large routes, coastal paths, mountain trekking, climbing, crossings, bicycle routes, horseback riding, greenways, interesting routes to do by car, with the motorcycle, by canoe, by boat; paths that pass through historical monuments, winding paths that lead us to natural monuments, walks that bring us closer to hidden beaches, cliff excursions; signs of all kinds that help us continue on the road to Santiago or discover dinosaur tracks.

Asturias is a great journey in itself, an odyssey for the most fierce traveler, friendly marches for the occasional excusionist, short walks and / or organized visits for tourists who have little time. The possibilities are almost endless in a land that has a very complex orography; abrupt slopes that are a consequence of the scarce distance between the sea and the mountain massif.

Asturias is a great reserveIt has a national park, five natural parks and a good number of protected landscapes. A privileged nature that extends everywhere from the alpine areas of the Picos de Europa and the center, through the great mountains of the west and east, the coastal lowlands, a 350-kilometer coastline, a great karst system, countless beaches and coves, mighty rivers and estuaries, extensive forests ...

Our community acts as a magnet for all fans of outdoor activities, but in addition to nature we must add the artistic and cultural wealth that its different inhabitants have bequeathed to us over the centuries. Therefore, the thematic, cultural and gastronomic routes They proliferate everywhere, not in the middle of nature but in the villages, in the sheepfolds, the small fishing villages, the tourist villages or their populous cities. In all these places great treasures are kept: geological, cave, pre-Romanesque, Romanesque ...

In desdeasturias.com we have two large sections that detail a large part of the tours of interest that are located in the Principality. Routes y What to see a wide catalog of itineraries and visits is broken down, but for the sake of brevity, and especially thinking about those who visit Asturias for the first time and want a scarce list to start discovering our community, these would be our 10 best routes in Asturias, at least the most popular.

Ruta del Cares

Surrounded by an unlikely path, the most vertical slopes of the Picos de Europa are thus within the reach of any mortal, affordable and close to the human enjoyment of the mountain and its gorges. More information Ruta del Cares.

Path of the Bear

The busiest greenway in Asturias, an ideal route for trekkers and cyclists with 22 kilometers of route. More information Senda del Oso.

Lakes of Covadonga

An Arcadia of simple and pastoral life, one of the panoramic thrones of Asturias, an infinite flock with large lakes.More information Lagos de Covadonga.

Jurassic Coast

The coastal strip that stretches from Tazones (Villaviciosa) to Camangu (Ribadesella) is an escape from low cliffs where dinosaurs left their heavy footprint.More information Jurassic Coast.

Pre-Romanesque of Oviedo

The most autochthonous architecture of Asturias loses its roots more than a thousand years ago. World Heritage.More information Prerrománico de Oviedo.

Natural Park of Redes

Territory of great heritage values ​​with a good number of environmental arguments. It has been granted the title of Natural Reserve, also the Reserve of the Biosphere.
One of the most beautiful routes is the «Route of the Dawn». More information Redes Park.

Coastal path of Llanes

They are more than 30 kilometers of route to practice the senderismo or the bicycle ride by the cliffed coast. More information Coastal path of Llanes.

Coastal path of the Cervigón

Two kilometers of path that takes us from the center of Gijón to the beach of Peñarrubia. More information Senda del Cervigón.

Camino de Santiago through Asturias

The Jacobean road on its way through Asturias depara a great beauty and a large number of attractions. More information Camino de Santiago.

The Vaqueiras routes

With almost 1.600 square kilometers, the so-called Vaqueira region is an unequal mosaic of landscapes. More information Vaqueiras routes.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.3602982 Length: -5.8447809 qualifying.

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