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The town of Llanes

Get carried away by the streets of Llanes

Get carried away by the streets of Llanes

The town of Llanes, capital of the council that bears his name, is the urban reference of an extensive and rural territory that grows in an elongated way parallel to the Cantabrian Sea. A sea that gets everywhere in this village and that gives us its flavor in the middle of old and modern buildings, squares, squares, walks and abundant terraces where to stop for a drink.

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Within the urban nucleus of Llanes, the Playa del Sablón, a coquette, clean and protected, above which runs a long walk on the cliff. The unforgettable Walk of San Pedro it approaches the kilometer of travel. It is a fertile and flattened path from which the reality of the village is discovered, a llanera (they say that that's possibly where its name comes from) between the sea and the mountain.

We enter the urban area, we lose the overall perspective but we gain it in details. The alleys of the old town, where it proliferates the commercial activity of the villa, they give rise to a capricious circuit loaded with motifs and cobblestones in which a customized architecture is inscribed, of fair proportions and respectful with a pampered urbanism.

We arrived to the laugh, minimal and singular, entering with their boats and their nets in the neuralgic center of the llanisca society. From here to the open sea we are waiting for a walk of seaworthy solera and aquatic bustle.

In the initial section wait for the boats and seagulls, the reflections of the town that embraces its estuary with force in a smaller draft.

Water and land seek more depth a little further north, on the way a modern port, restored and protected by a recent iron rivet. From these last walls of the fishing village, that wonderful picture of an infinitely green and blue coast that we had discovered on our first route along the San Pedro promenade, resurfaces again. And right in this site we see closely those colors that we guessed from higher. They are the daring colors of the Cubes of Memory, that the Basque painter Ibarrola used to rescue the breakwater of his gray existence and turn them into an immense canvas of three dimensions.

Architecture of Llanes: medieval, baroque, indiana ...

The traces of the Middle Ages They proliferate in the old town. This is confirmed by the walled enclosure, a defensive fence that began to be built as a result of the Puebla Charter granted by Alfonso XII to the town in the first third of the thirteenth century. The north cloth and other dispersed remains in different peripheries of the historical helmet are conserved in good condition.

In some case, the wall it has been fused with more recent constructions, low but haughty buildings, galleries tanned by saltpeter and fishing soul. At the core of the story we also find the Tower, solid and schematic symbol of the past that today houses the Tourism Office.

The rest of Llanes shows excellent samples of the passage from centuries to the present. There are practically details of all ages. There is hardly a decade in false. Renaissance buildings, sailor buildings such as the Whale House, the latter place where the dizzying guild met and that today has been rehabilitated to give way to a suggestive "Classroom of the Sea"; Baroque palaces and palaces, a Gothic basilica, a handful of chapels, a modernist casino, and an incessant drip of the so-called architecture of Indianos that finds in Llanes its true meaning and the most surprising and numerous samples, with dream gardens and glazed galleries.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.4205093 Length: -4.7547841
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