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The Path of the Bear

The Path of the Bear

Greenway towards the bear

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Greenway towards the bear

It constitutes an ideal route for trekkers and cyclists. Its great natural and ethnographic wealth advances through tunnels and bridges that give a touch of adventure to the march. The stretch of 22 kilometers that goes from Tuñón to Entrago, always passes through paved terrain, with a protective fence, frequent sources for supplies and informative posters about the flora and fauna, the monuments of the area, alternative routes or advice.

The best way to get to the brown bear is through the busiest greenway in Asturias. The path that bears his name comes from the mining past of this area. In the middle of the 19th century the railroad was built to transport coal from Proaza and Teverga to Trubia. A century later the road was abandoned. At present, without rails or trains, it transports sensations, sport and nature.
They have been rehabilitated here eleven bridges that cross the rivers Trubia, Picarós, Teverga and Llanuces. Thanks to them we went from shore to shore. We will also go through numerous tunnels for which the train used to circulate. Some of them, with more than one hundred meters in length, are provided with light.
There are more inducements to bet on this path, as the recreational areas: a stop on the way to eat something. But perhaps the greatest attraction of this trip, at least for the youngest, is to be able to contemplate closely two bears Asturian: "Paca" and "Molina", who spend the day from one side to another, inside a mountain surrounded by the path. The first lives here from 1996. The second came to the facilities in 2013. At lunchtime, at 12 at noon, it's the best time to see them. Is The Bear of Asturias Foundation the one that takes care of everything. It deals with the feeding and care of the bears, the maintenance of the facilities and of attending to us, the visitors. In this area they have also raised a small viewpoint so that we can see the place better.

How long does it take us to do the route?

We now return to the path, which runs along the valley floor along the river, between limestone and quartzite rock slopes and a vegetation formed by riparian forest, carbayeras and chestnut spots. If we go through the path of the Bear on a bicycle and given the small gap between the start and end points (145 m and 450 m.) it becomes a pleasant ride, accessible for cyclists of any level. The total time spent on completing the route, in both directions, will be about 3 hours.
Walking It will take us much more. We must think about the return, so we will only face the kilometers that we can afford before returning for the journey. It is also possible that someone waits for us with the car at the end of the route.
The itinerary has a Greek "and" form. It starts in Tuñón, municipality of Santo Adriano, passing through Villanueva - we will soon see the Cercado de los Osos and the recreational area of ​​Buyera with ample parking, sports facilities, cafeteria tables and benches to enjoy the food-, we continue to address Proaza , and to a few kilometers is the bifurcation. If we turn to the left we go to Barzana, passing through Caranga and the Valdemurio reservoir; if we deviate to the right we go to Entrago.
Tuñón - Proaza: 6 kms.
Proaza - Valdemurio: 8 kms.
Proza - Entrago: 14 kms.

To make a more interpretive itinerary we recommend the first part of the path, from Tuñón (Santo Adriano) to Proaza, about 6 kilometers. We can choose a shorter route, from 2 Kilometers, taking as a starting point the recreational area of ​​Buyera, passing through the fencing and arriving at Proaza, where the House of the Bear.

Can we make the bear route by bicycle?

On the route there are several companies that offer you bike rental, but if you prefer to have the agency already planned S-cape Travel provides 4-day getaway designed for families that includes the Senda del Oso by bicycle and a walking route through Somiedo with a guide. The package price includes accommodation with breakfast, bicycle rental and the service of an official guide in Somiedo.

You will discover charming towns with their typical buildings (granaries, bread baskets, fountains, laundries ...), you will go through tunnels belonging to the old railway, astonishing gorges such as Peñas Juntas and Valdecerezales that you will not be able to resist photographing. You will find landscapes of great beauty such as the Valdemurio reservoir in the Quirós council, with different recreational areas where you can take a break. The route is perfect for families.

House of the Bear


Access: from Oviedo (Km. 0), by the N-634 to Trubia (km.12) or taking the highway, take the county road to Proaza / Puerto de Ventana and reach the recreational area of ​​Tuñón (Km. 18), where is the Brown Bear monument and a recreational area.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

Total distance: 32086 m
Maximum height: 623 m
Minimum height: 147 m
Ascent slope: 1833 m
Descent slope: -1833 m
Time spent: 06:53:42
Travel: only one way, Tuñón - Valdemurio reservoir

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