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The beach of Silencio or Gaviero

The recondite beach

The recondite beach

Its name says it all, the Playa del Silencio is a silent place where the cliffs close on themselves turning the waves of the surroundings into a subtle lullaby. Has shell shape and a length that does not exceed 500 meters in length. Half a kilometer loaded with charms. The protective cliffs, scattered islets on the shore and the special quality and color of its waters are combined.

Photo by Daniel Martín.

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All extremely natural. We speak of a genuine space whose main attraction lies in its conservation and, therefore, demands environmental respect from its visitors. His landscape virginity makes him have well deserved the title they have given him protected space, within the western coast of the Principality.

The locals call this beach the "Gaviero del Silencio", possibly because of the colony of gulls that nest on the angular cliff that closes it in the east. Apart from these birds, this half wild enclave is frequented by sports fishermen and underwater fishing enthusiasts, because the coat that provides its physiognomy makes it ideal for these practices. Its waters are almost always calm and diving in them is a small luxury. A recommended dive begins on the right side of the beach, where the cliff is located east of the bay, swimming in the sea and bending the cape to reach some islets. In this point we can submerge up to the 18 depth meters. The life in these funds is the characteristic of the Bay of Biscay, with a large quantity of mussels and barnacles in the rocks of the canals, laminaria groves, labrids such as merlo or maragota, bream, conger and scorpion; even some sea bass

On the beach, the golden and fine sand is combined with gravel and boulders. To access it we must leave our vehicle in the vicinity of the town of Castañeras and descend by steep stairs. The access is not difficult or tortuous, although it does not involve the comfort of other more accessible coves that can be reached by car; perhaps because of this it keeps its original idiosyncrasies as in little places of the Bay of Biscay.

At low tide, the beach of Silencio gives way to the small cove of El Riego, a sandy area full of charm, between the island of Sarna, to the west, and Punta Gayuelos, to the east. Here cavities are opened and the rocks acquire unexpected designs. The most propitious place to enjoy absolute tranquility. We observe the islets of a steep archipelago, where the rest of the world is always too far away.

In the Playa del Silencio we find one of the most perfect metaphors that can define the unique magic of the Asturian landscape. A small and hidden beach that hides to accommodate those who feel fugitives from an increasingly artificial world.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.5666466 Length: -6.2958527


How to get there

It is located in the western half of the council of Cudillero, to Poniente del Cabo Vidio. The nearest towns are Castañeras and Novellana.

The reference town to get to El Silencio beach is Castañeras, taking the corresponding exit on the N-632. The beach is just over a kilometer from said population. Most of this journey can be done by car, not the last 250 meters, which must be covered on foot. The beach is descended by a staircase on the cliff. For those who do not have their own vehicle, in Novellana there is a railroad stop; This option, although it requires walking a good distance, presents the attractiveness of the beautiful coastal itinerary through which the train circulates.

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