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The beach of Peñarronda

A "supernatural" beach: Peñarronda

A "supernatural" beach: Peñarronda

Beach on the western coast of Asturias. A natural treasure that goes unnoticed if we observe it from the heights on the nearby headlands. On the beach we discover its dune and lagoon system at the mouth of the Dola river, with embryonic vegetation and white dunes where some species included in the Regional Catalog of Threatened Species of Asturian Flora. It is the only location in the Principality where the presence of Malcomia littorea (in danger of extinction) is known. In addition, other species such as Medicago marina, Otantkus maritimus and Pancratium maritimum are present that fascinate botanists.

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Peñarronda beach, in the limits of the councils of Castropol and TapiaIs a large area, conscientiously prepared by nature for man to enjoy, among other things, with the surf and Comets. It is a windy beach with moderate waves and is very suitable for both hobbies. It has an area reserved for catching waves on the right bank, just below the cliff of the church of San Lorenzo. It is an area of dangerous currents for the bathroom, but perfect for lovers of this sport. Windsurfing, rowing and sport fishing are also practiced in its waters.

However, the biggest attraction of this great beach of 600 meters in length and about 300.000 square meters of surface is undoubtedly its high ecological wealth. Among its faunal values, the usual presence of animal species included in the protectionist catalog of the Asturian fauna stands out, as is the case of the Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus), the shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) and the Otter (Lutra lutra). Ultimately, but not least, the uniqueness of its geological formations also stands out.

For all this we speak of a Natural Monument with its own name: Peñarronda beach that stretches from Las Meninas, east of Punta del Corno, to Punta de A Robaleira, which closes the beach to the east. The set is shaped like a shell and practically in the center, dominating this place like an imperturbable lookout, is the Castelo, a circular cliff pierced by a tunnel. From this great rock the beach takes its name: "round rock".

To approach walking to this rock and to others that surface to the surface can get to constitute an almost spiritual walk. Walking along this beach, especially outside the summer season, leaving the footprints of our footwear in the immensity of this place, helps us to exercise our status as explorers of the world.

And if you have been left wanting natural monuments shaped like a beach, a few kilometers away, in the neighboring council of Navia, you can enjoy another beach with designation of origin that we invite you to visit by clicking on the following link: Frejulfe beach.

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coordinates Latitude: 43.5530891 Length: -6.9977760


To get to Peñarronda and taking Tapia de Casariego as a reference, follow the N-634 towards the Puente de los Santos; When you get to the path of direction towards Vegadeo, shortly before the bridge, you can turn right onto a non-signposted second-order road, which leads directly to the beach, or make the change of direction towards Vegadeo, continuing along the N -640 for, a few meters later, deviate to the right and link with the previous way.

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