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The beach of Frejulfe

The brown beach of Navia

The brown beach of Navia

Beach of the western coast of Asturias. We arrived at this beautiful sea place and, without knowing its condition of Natural Monument, captivates us. Bird's eye view Frejulfe beach, or Frexulfe in Asturian, is between Cape San Augustin and Punta de Romanela, a step away from the Navia estuary and the beautiful town of Puerto de Vega, whose inhabitants celebrate in it, in the month of September, a populous and original Jira that finishes off its patronal celebrations.

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From Puerto de Vega and from the town of Frejulfe, there is easy road access. The beach is very cozy, and its unusual toasted sand It makes the stay warmer, and even romantic. A sunset in Frejulfe, if the calm sea touches us, is an ideal place to, for example, fall in love and take a picture of a couple against the light, as if we were in the Caribbean. The truth is that the sand, fine and with that tone of brown sugar, rather seems to belong to the Mediterranean or Caribbean coast. And only the currents and the swell, more frequent than the stillness of the waters, when it hits impetuously against the rocks betrays its Cantabrian condition. Waves that surfers, habitual of this place, describe as powerful and hollow.

The beach environment is fascinating due to its vegetation. The sandy cove, about 700 meters long, houses an important dune vegetation and a thick pine forest in the rear.

The cliffs that surround it are part of the declaration of Natural Monument, next to the dunes, to the beach itself, and the idyllic estuary of the Frejulfe river that gives name to this piece of coast and flows into its bosom.

Although this is for note and for the biologists, it can be mentioned here that in the environment of the beach you can find lawns of «Scirpus parvulus», the only place in Asturias where they have managed to develop making this habitat more picturesque. Also, its faunistic values ​​with the presence of the otter, the green frog and the oystercatcher bring more wealth to its ecosystem and more rare to the whole.

They say by Navia that, occasionally, dragged by the current, On the beach of Frejulfe beach marine animals. Since, clearly, its orientation is completely open to the sea, we are not surprised at anything that hosts the marine fauna.

By now you will have realized that the beach's name is unpronounceable. Try to read it, repeat it two or three times watching it. Now close your eyes, let a second pass and try again Jefulgre, Fejulje, it is almost impossible, a mnemonic test of maximum difilcutad.

The best thing is to go for a walk, because it is well known that language and memory live and feed on experience. Maybe after going through Frejulfe we ​​will not find it so hard to pronounce it.

Take the test.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

coordinates Latitude: 43.5599937 Length: -6.6755676
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