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Bass fishing

Fishing full of tricks

Bass fishing

Fishing full of tricks

Sea bass is a kind of ...

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The sea bass is a kind of high price in the markets. his great value, economic and gastronomic, has forged among the fishermen of Ribadesella an own fishing gear that is transmitted from generation to generation among local sailors. Observe them in their sauce, minced after minced - always in a prudential and respectful manner with their work - is a very rewarding experience.

The maximum catches of the species coincide with the coldest months of the year. During that time, if you walk at night along the promenade of La Grúa you will meet a group of elite, silent musicians, adapted to the calm of the estuary, with their eyes fixed on the silver tracks that are discovered in the water. When there are favorable conditions, there are many who dawn at the foot of the cane while filling their basket. Wearing leather hats, with different clothing and weather-beaten cold from the dawn of the river, the Lubineros interpret the moon, the last rains, the fluvial force, the degree of transparency of the water and, only then, decide to throw the white hair. As bait a handful of angula, because the voracious sea bass enters the estuary in search of this tasty species.

During the month of April, with the least extreme weather, and especially if the river is cloudy due to the rains, the sea bass enters the Sella in search of fresh trout. That is why the bait that is used is this: small live trout or, failing that, an articulated and artificial fish.

The fishermen go to the usual places. They are privileged enclaves and always associated with their most loyal characters, such as Celestino Gutiérrez, "Tinín", or Enrique Alonso, "Quique". To fishermen of this size, a first contact with the river was enough to know what could be expected of it. The oldest of the place remember those nights with fifty kilos of fishing behind them. Nor do they forget the old bamboo poles, the places where they hid them, the picaresque to fool the novices, the old thick and short lines that had to be tied again and again to get a long and resistant thread.

Far away, however, the times of splendor of the brotherhood, when the artisan industries of fish abounded and the exploitations were used to "massify" and enrich the waters. The technique associated with cane has been sharpened to overcome the growing shortage at the mouth. But, in any case, the contents of the oral tradition are still essential. Those who have listened to and practiced it are more prepared and surprise amateurs, unfortunate, who begin to believe in superstitions. They can not believe that they do not get stung while, at their side, someone takes pieces of several kilos from the river.

Bass fishing is full of tricks that are not often divulged, remain in the circle of regulars. It is known that fishermen frequented with their buoys the shores because there the light of lanterns attracted the fish. Now, the presence everywhere of artificial light makes it become a reference point less, and then it is played to launch buoys at different distances, where they are believed to make entry. The veterans intuit the route, but they keep quiet and they play to deceive those who study their maneuvers.

The popular culture of the riosellano wharf is created with chopped. Another way to chop the hook is to make a parenthesis in our walk and stay to watch as they fish or do not fish. It depends.

Text: © Ramón Molleda for desdeasturias.com

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